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About Me

I am a well-seasoned senior B2B freelance copywriter, marketing specialist and content strategist who excels at developing and executing holistic content plans (as part of a company’s overall marketing plan) storytelling, creating short and long-form copy, and delivering purposeful content.

The messaging and content I deliver resonates with audiences across the spectrum, from individuals, mid-level managers, developers and technicians to marketers, business owners and C-Suite executives.

My background is in content, editorial management and finance. In total, I am a 27-year veteran of the business and financial trading markets in the U.S. and abroad, working as a professional trader and thereafter as a corporate copywriter (B2B focus), group editorial director, editor-in-chief (financial magazines), senior financial writer, newsletter editor, marketing consultant/specialist, strategist and startup adviser.

Over the past 18 years, I've created well over 5.500 creative pieces and forms of copy. From the standpoint of differentiating my candidacy, I bring a wealth of knowledge important to any marketing or content project. Directly relevant is the fact I've managed myriad forms of marketing and content campaigns.

I specialize in helping companies develop and execute their strategic marketing initiatives. Regarding content, I excel in developing business/marketing case studies, white papers, website copy, press releases, media pitch campaigns, video scripts, newsletters, digital content (e.g., web articles and blog postings), and marketing and sales collateral.

The subject matter I've focused in over the years spans the gamut, from business, finance and capitalization to marketing, small business management, high tech, Fintech, lifestyle, personal finance, retirement and estate planning, trading/investing, the domestic and international markets, and much more.

In terms of my ability to lead projects and successfully produce agreed upon deliverables on deadline, it's worth noting that I have created and managed numerous media platforms, including:

My work has appeared across content mediums ranging from blogs to magazines, websites, newspapers, newsletters, corporate marketing literature and materials, and radio networks. I have appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg TV as a market expert and strategist.

While I am proud of my accomplishments, what stands out most is the fact I am utilized over and again by many of my clients - people and companies I've served for years. Among that group I'm recognized for being a quick study, delivering sharp/clean/creative copy, adhering to deadlines, exhibiting great communications skills, well representing customers to their clients, and having a knack for consistently surpassing expectations in covering difficult subject matter and delivering information that is both inviting and easily understood by the audience.

Bottom line, I know how to hit the mark for my clients and I always make them look good! LH

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