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I am a stay at home mom with alot of time on my hands. I have owned horses my entire life and am an avid hunter and fisher. I love writing and have been told that I have a Knack for it. I love sewing and shopping on a dime.

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Hello everyone, I am soon going to be calling myself the hunting widow :( with just 3 months left till hunting season officially kicks off in Alberta, all I will now here for days is Thwack, Thwack, Thwack. Hey babe want to go for a walk? I don't even bother asking where as it usually means to the hunting property with bows and target in hand to "sight in" Speaking of target have you guys checked out the bulldog targets? They are amazing targets. Not only are they durable, they also have amazing stopping power. My husband is pulling between 65 and 70 pounds, approx. 290-310 feet per second and these targets have no problem stopping his arrows in its tracks.The easy arrow removal may not be something big that you consider but when you are shooting with a 6-year-old and 9-year-old easy arrow removal is key.  On top of all that they also have a lifetime warranty on them, You can't ask for a sweeter deal then that. I am affiliated with them and for a limited time I can offer you pretty sweet discount, Just message me either on my Facebook page or leave me a comment below and I can get you that code. Believe me you will not be disappointed with these targets. I got mine yesterday :D Sorry about that little blurb, I had to get it off my chest. Back to now having to go for a walk. Apparently now is the time to get ready and do all these amazing things to be more active. I don't know about you but my beach body was not ready for summer, so I have no intentions of have a hunting season body either! My husband gave me a list of to-do's prior to 1 month before hunting season so the property can stay quiet and untouched. I will share that list with you now July -put out trail cams. While getting carried away by a swarm of mosquito's so large that your feet do not touch the ground, all while trying to chase off the swarm that is now surrounding your children, who are screaming is sheer fear. They are afraid that the misquito's will suck all of their blood and they will be flat. Well here is your chance to get a little laugh out of this horrid, so-called "walk" your husband suggested. -Make sure to shoot at least once a week to "tune-in" your skills.  Again let's go and shoot our bow's in the middle of a field that has stagnant water which is a cesspool for mosquito breeding. All while again, we have our children running around screaming about the dang bugs!! To top if off now not only do I have to deal with the mosquito's but I also have the deer flies, helocoptering around my head ....zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Mommy sissy wacked me......zzzzzzzzz.... Mommy help the bugs are annoying me.....zzzzzzz - find a Place for potentially setting up our blind. What this means is endless hours walking around the same field we have hunted for the last 3 years in hopes to find a "new" spot that is a little more secluded. Seriously, I like the spot last year we had, it was closer to the road and I didn't have to luge 4 bags of the kids crap 5 miles across open feild with 200 head of cattle staring me down, like I am Sasquatch. August  Well August just mean more shooting, and longer shooting hours, it means that he takes my bow, which for the last month i have shot perfect groupings with.  He decides that he needs to change the rest or the sight on it. He says he is upgrading for me,secretly it's because he cannot stand me having a better shot than him. I have only been bow hunting full on for a year maybe two. He has been hunting 5+ years and has yet to get a deer, and he is going to make sure that you will not see my picture on our Facebook with that big mulely deer that he has dreamed of first. I on the other hand will!!! Again more walking to re-position the trail camera's, change the spot idea for the blind.. for the 10th time already. Then it comes, mid - August, and we are out deciding on the final resting place of the blind ( or so I hope, it will be moved 4 more times before hunting season is over), we are going to be bushing it in. Tail camera's will now be set up surrounding a 5 mile radius of the blind. It's now time to let all sit and make those sneaky deer feel comfortable about this new looking tree that has suddenly erected right near their trail to food. Finally I get to sit at home for 3ish weeks and wash hunting cloths over and over again in scent killing soap to make sure all the stink is out, when in reality we are hunting a cow field, just pick up some SHIT and rub it around and you will now smell like the surroundings. Seriously though in all actuality I love the outdoors and being able to spend the time with my family doing something we all enjoy. My kids are learning new skills about survival, and the fact that not all meat has to come on a styrofoam plate wrapped in plastic wrap with a price tag of 2.25 a pound on it. That family time is important and can be enjoyable even when you must be quiet at the butt crack of dawn. Seriously if you get nothing else from my blog the laugh is good enough. I would appreciate it if you followed us and commented below on your thoughts. I would love to hear what you think my next topic should be on. Always your hunting loving, blog writting friend Sue



Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that my mom is bad!! She wouldn’t listen to me for the last almost 2 weeks and write on my blog. She said that I had a boring last 2 weekends. Well I learned how to lay down and shake a paw 🙂 so she is wrong, I think it was super interesting. The weekend before last we didn’t go anywhere or do anything because my dad was working on Saturday. Mom packed the house to get moved and I laid around and enjoyed the sunshine on the deck. Sunday we went to Gymkhana with my sister again and she did AWESOME!! I can see the difference in her riding and mom and dad are proud of her. So ok maybe my mom is right, it wasn’t a very exciting weekend. She should still write something for all my adoring fans out there. Well ok I did learn a few more tricks than that I now like this game called fetch, where I bring the ball to mom and she throws it for me. As always thought I still really love my boy, he gets to be more and more of my favorite everyday. Well last weekend, the samething happened my dad worked on saturday and all week-long mom was busy packing the house. On sunday though we went to the new place we might be living and helped with putting up board all in a row, I think my mom and dad said it was called fencing. While my dad took a short break to make some really loud 20170625_154013noises with this thing he called a gun, he took me with him. He was shooting gophers and I got to get them after her shot them that was SUPER fun I can throw them in the air and catch them again. They are so much better than any toy mom and dad have ever bought me. Another awesome thing I got to do was go swimming in like a creek or something, first time mom and dad took me on a walk I wasn’t sure that I liked the water, this time it was hot and I seen the water and I almost jumped right in and guess what I can swim. Its awesome. The trail we walked on has a lot of tall grass and mom and dad trust me enough to let me off my leash to walk, I had to jump up over the grass to find them thought, so it was a little tough for me. That night we went home and I was super tired. I slept all day Monday because I was so tired and that is a good thing cause mom was stressed out and busy packing as well. Tuesday some man came over and was talking to mom and I guess things changed again, Now I am staying where I am, We are going to keep living in this house. It’s not my favorite because I don’t really have a yard that I can just run and play in, but mom and dad take me out ALL the time and let me run and meet new people so that’s ok. Mom told dad last night that she didn’t feel right about moving to another house and missing out on being in town close to people. I agree, I like going for walks downtown to see people and meet everyone. I know this was a short post, but it got you all caught up and I hope that with this weekend being Canada day, My monday blog will be a lot more interesting. 20170628_092626.jpgMom says I will get to watch something called fireworks, I hope I like them cause dad is a bit nervous that I will be scared. You will have to tune in on Monday to see how it goes. Well I as you can see am sleepy again and done with this blog so Happy 150th Canada, I hope you start to share some stories and comments with me soo



dayhome owner and operator

I succesfully ran my dayhime business for 3 years and when it came time to move decied I needed a change and presued my writing skills

Company: Sue's Bubble Guppies

I worked there from 7/2014 until 7/2017

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