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About Me

I'm a digital marketing strategist who specializes in conversion copywriting across email campaigns, sales funnels and course/product launches online. I also work as a ghostwriter for several online SaaS businesses and online entrepreneurs to help grow their traffic, lists and conversions.

I'm well-known with my clients for:

First hand experience and knowledge 

Data- & research-driven 

The instinct of a journalist with the craft of a copywriter 

A freelancer in name, not in style 

I've written for a whole range of SaaS products, B2B services, travel platforms and more, as part of their content creation strategy, as well as for several prominent online entrepreneurs under the topics of internet marketing, passive income, e-courses, market research, social media How-Tos, online business and productivity. I specialize in generating ideas, performing deep, statistical research, and then taking my client's brand voice to create writing that converts -- audiences, readers, buyers and customers. 

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My Writing Samples

When Your Franchise Brand Interferes With Your Company Brand, Expect Chaos

A franchise brand v.s. a company brand? What's the difference and does it really matter? Turns out, the devil's truly in the details. Just look at Canadian example, Second Cup, a coffee franchise that failed to understand the difference and, because of that, failed to deliver on brand promise. From doing it wrong, we pivot and focus instead on brands who are getting it right with some key takeaways for any brand's success.


Digital Marketing Automation: The Chance for your Company?

Only online businesses need to know about digital marketing, right? That’s just not true – not anymore.E-commerce entrepreneurs, Amazon drop-shippers, and SaaS specialists: These make up the entire cosmos of those adopting digital automation. After all, do they really have a choice?No, they don’t. But neither do you.Yes, you. Your SME is crying out for some good old fashioned innovation via some new-fangled digitization.


Retailer’s Guide to Social Media: 5 Tips to Increase In-Store Sales

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, a physical location or enterprise, then it’s time to harness the (often free or extremely low cost) social media tools at your disposal to grow your in-store sales. Luckily, we’ve put together a “Retailer’s Guide to Social Media”. The truth is, if you’re not using social to drive in-store traffic in today’s retail and B2C atmosphere, you’re missing out.


How to Boost your Content Marketing Strategies in 2018

B2B content marketing used to be so exciting, alive and sexy — but now, it’s tired, overwhelmed and overworked. So goes the common perception. But, as any content marketer will tell you, there’s an app for “overwhelm”, creative content is of a higher calibre than ever before and don’t underestimate a team’s ability to outsource and delegate.So what’s holding back B2B content marketing teams from greatness? Ah, better to ask, what opportunities lie in wait for marketers in 2018?


Should You Put Pricing On Your Website?

The debate rages on — to display your prices up-front or not, that is the question.And it’s a question that plagues freelancers All. The. Time.Like any good debate, there are strong arguments for and against. Me, I’ve always been firmly in the “for” camp. But nothing convinced me (and will convince you) as much as what I’m about to tell you.First off, let’s clear the air: YES — you absolutely, positively, need to display your prices on your website, right up front.


Self Managed But Accountant Administered: Why This Makes All The Difference In Your Bottom Line

At first glance, the idea of having an accountant for something that is referred to as a DIY super fund or “self-managed” seems rather counterintuitive. In truth, SMSF accountants could make all the difference between long-term prosperity and short-term bust.


The Ins and Outs of an Owners Corporation

If you own a flat, apartment or a property unit, you’re likely to be part of an owners corporation, formerly known as a “body corporate”. Under property law in Australia, the daily operations and management of a property is known as “strata management”. Read on to find out all about your responsibilities as part of an owners corporation and the professionals involved


Follow These 5 Leads for More Instagram Followers in 2017

Facebook may have the biggest reach but Instagram has the greatest number of eyes, according to social media gurus. And the number of “eyes” on your content really means the number of followers. How do these Instagram stars build up a following? Besides time and attention, they use these 5 strategies to hit that special 10K, 100K or even the “1M” mark.


Brand Loyalty: Buzzword or Opportunity in Retail Customer Relations?

s brand loyalty dead? When you look at the numbers, it’s not an entirely atypical conclusion to reach. Leading market research institute GfK noted in 2011 that, on average, brands lose about 40 percent of their regular customers per year — and this trend is on the rise. So how can stationary retailers counteract this rather inevitable (though wholly avoidable) development in order to maintain a loyal customer base they’ve worked so hard to bring through their doors?




ThinQsouK is a studio that focuses on working with online SaaS companies, creative solopreneurs and e-commerce clients to develop and strategically deploy creative content online. ThinQsouK specializes in storytelling for the web and, under its umbrella, I create branded web content online for clients. My belief that powerful narration in any medium is the key to building an unforgettable brand is what spearheads all collaborative projects.

Company: ThinQsouK

I worked there from 8/2015 until now

Freelance/Contract Writer

My work with Greatcontent.com is interesting and varied. Great Content's are my clients too and, as such, I craft and complete assignments ensuring that guidelines between clients and I are honoured and that content I create is delivered on deadline. I create sales pages, landing pages, authored ghostwritten guest blogs, brand-specific blog posts, web copy, ad copy, marketing copy and general info, either with a promotional or educational bent.

Company: GreatContent

I worked there from 3/2015 until now

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