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About Me

  Highly organized communications and marketing individual with more than 10 years experience running federal election campaigns, constructing media and communication strategies and as a sales manger. I have dealt with web, radio and print content development, public presentations and seminars and project management. Specific experience includes being a sales manager in the marine industry, broadcasting my own radio show, served on a number of local and national advocacy groups in media and financial roles. Abilities and Accomplishments Managed internet and non-local sales and consistently exceeded goals by expanding our outside sales base. Handled online marketing as well as supervising processing and shipping of orders. Managed and operated election campaigns on the national level. Have handled media and communications through multiple forms - print, radio, tv and online. Looked after six figure budgets and ensured proper recording of finances. Have produced own radio show with Vista Broadcasting, which was also streamed online through social media. Have worked independently setting goals to ensure . Have designed procedures to increase efficiency and measure results. Knowledge of online marketing including meta descriptions, search engine optimization and header taglines. Managed social media with promotion of retail business, political advertising and non-profits. Numerous other non-profit activities including Relay for Life, church activities and political involvement ranging from management to finance to media relations. Initiated public relations campaign for the Southeastern Ontario Cystic Fibrosis Canada Chapter on a tight budget after being reconstituted 2 years before. Formal education in political studies with a focus on constitutional and legal matters and international relations. Strong knowledge of current affairs and regulatory matters. Continue to make presentations and seminars before professional and academic audiences primarily on political and legal affairs, and also on non-profit organizations behalf for fund raising and awareness campaigns.. Adept at networking through professional and community groups developing lasting relationships. 

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Law & Politics

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