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About Me

Writing is the art of painting thoughts with words and my collection of paintings has strokes of color on multiple canvas.

The ability to express the ideas of others and myself that adds knowledge, skills, happomess, humor or in-depth examinations and research is a craft that I thoroughly enjoy.

As a writer, my commission is to ensure that messages are conveyed with clarity, impact and emotion that makes an impression.

When I'm not writing, my time is vested in reading, family time, travel, cooking, nature, meditation and exploring the vastness that life has to offer.

Industries I Write About


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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Website copy and design

Designed website layout including images. Website copy Brand overhaul from www.lifeskillinstitute.org Project management to compete building of site in order to save client time and funds




Wrote weekly blogs as a Relationship Expert on topics ranging from personal perceptions to romantic and business interactions.

Company: The Bigg Chat

I worked there from 5/2011 until 8/2013

Senior Inspirational Writer

Captured the essence behind the endeavours and life styles of mothers and shakers who make global impacts in the entertainment and Christian industries. Provide insight to overcoming major life changes such as parenthood, loss of loved ones, career transitions, and emotional traumas. Conduct investigative journalism on various topics as requested by the editor. Interview grassroot curators to indee exposure for community outreach and impact.

Company: Simply Elevate Magazine

I worked there from 2/2012 until 8/2015

Content Development, Editor & Publisher

Website copy and design for Restaurants, Bars, Non- Profits, Public Figures, Entertainers, Business in public and private domain Speech writing for City Counsel and public speakers Edit, format and publish manuscripts for memoirs, non fiction, and creative writing. Provide author support and training for book collaborations and individual writers.

Company: Acquilla Faye

I worked there from 8/2013 until now

Podcast Host and Producer

Produce and edit Grown Folks Talking Live with Dr. Faye Recruit talent for guest hosting Create content Manage time Market show Maintain GFTL social group Grew audience from 240K to 1.4M in downloads and streams on Bshani, iHeart, Appletunes, iTunes, Spotify, and GooglePlay

Company: IHeart and BshaniRadio

I worked there from 9/2017 until now


Provide the community with information, tips, and strategies for wholistic wellness. Each week topics are centered to develop mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness from a physical approach engulfed in research and experience as a wellness instructor, life coach, and transformation expert. The column is entitled Transformation Station with the goal of increasing self- care, mindfulness, and blissful living.

Company: The Carolinian Newspaper

I worked there from 6/2018 until now


Taught students as young as 3 and as seasoned as 84 in institutions in NC, Mexico and West Africa.

Company: Public, Private and Charter Schools

I worked there from 7/ until now

Content I Write