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Rachel Morey Flynn is a personal finance journalist. She specializes in money management for seniors, as well as issues surrounding independence in the third 1/3 of life. Other areas of expertise include cryptocurrency, AI, insurance, and financial management. 

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How to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

When it comes to calibrating your insurance to match your current situation, understanding the options is crucial.


Choosing the Right Life Settlement Broker

This single transaction could represent a large amount of money. Finding a great broker or partner who will get you the settlement amount you want for your life insurance policy quickly, while remaining compliant with the applicable life settlement regulations is of the utmost importance.


3 Ways To Get Cash Out Of Your Life Insurance Policy

If you have a universal life insurance policy or a whole life insurance policy that you’d like to trade in or tap for cash, you’re in luck. There are several viable ways to go about this, depending on whether you want to keep the policy, how much time you have available to spend on the project, and the amount of money you’d like to access.


How to Create a Family Roadmap About Money, Without Conflict

Talking with family members about money may seem like a sure way to invite trouble. Done right, the boardroom approach to managing family money can save frustration and heartache down the road. This approach takes the weight off the shoulders of a single person, and eliminates the stressful and often destructive panic that sets in when the family matriarch or patriarch falls ill or dies.


Are You a ‘Transactor’ or a ‘Revolver’? Why You Should Worry if You’re a ‘Revolver’

In the past, when it came to revolving credit the important factors were whether the buyer paid monthly bills on time and how much debt he or she carried overall. The new underwriting system, effective June 25, 2016 will use trending data provided by TransUnion and Equifax to examine other financial habits during the 24 months before the initiation of a mortgage loan application.


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Opens the Door to Class-Action Lawsuits Against Credit Card Companies

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently issued a new rule that makes it possible for consumers to sue financial companies. A group of credit card customers who have a dispute can now file a class-action lawsuit.


Generation Z Is Surprisingly Financially Literate According to New Transunion Report

Transunion just released the findings of their Generation Z’s Financial Report Card study conducted in May of this year. Teens from the United States, Hawaii, and Alaska between the ages of 13 and 17 were interviewed extensively about their ability to manage money, how they use credit cards, and their overall understanding of financial management principles.


Hate Saving Money? These Tips Are for You

There’s a lot of advice floating around about saving money, but it’s easy to get caught in the same old New Year’s Resolution trap. You sign up for a new program or app, fire up the engines, and then promptly run out of the energy and dedication you need to make it really work. If you’ve tried complicated budgets, tracking every purchase in an app, managing multiple bank accounts, and you’ve even unsuccessfully committed to a year of absolutely no “unnecessary” expenses in the name of saving money, this post is for you.


AI-Enabled ERP: 3 Crucial Benefits for Supply Chain Management

An ERP system becomes more than a simple reaction to users’ requests for information when AI and machine learning are introduced. Organizations can experience substantial increases in productivity levels as a result from pairing AI with ERPs. When these work well hand in hand, both internal stakeholders as well as end customers can reap the benefits.


Major U.S. Banks Say No to Cryptocurrency Credit Card Purchases

While governments issue warnings about the dangers of purchasing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, a few of the largest credit card companies have released new policies against what enthusiasts call the money of the future.


Biometrics Make Credit Cards More Secure Than Ever

What if you could verify a purchase with a fingerprint, apply for a new credit card with a selfie, and verify your identity with your voice?



Upwork B2B Copywriter

Company: Online Content

I worked there from 1/2008 until now

Content Writer

Content creation for website and company blog. Subjects include senior finance, mortgages, and life settlements.

Company: Ovid

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Content Writer

Company: Creditsesame.com

I worked there from 5/2016 until now

Content Writer

Content creation for company blog. Subjects include credit card news and financial industry current events.

Company: creditcardreviews.com

I worked there from 4/2017 until now

Content Writer

Personal finance articles for blog. Target audience is women between the ages of 25 and 40.

Company: FemmeGuru.com

I worked there from 4/2017 until now


Auto and lending specialties

Company: Lending Tree/Magnify Money

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

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