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Adlerian Approach Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The psychoanalytic and Adlerian approaches have significant differences. For instance, the psychoanalytic approaches are used in the investigation of the unconscious mind and how they may be related to the therapeutic treatments associated with mental disorders. On the other hand, the Adlerian approaches focus on the demonstration of the healthiness of the mental health through methods such as connection with people and the ability to embrace and strive for success. The therapist was effective in the questioning of the boy since he highlights some of the issues affecting the boy and what he believes is the best way of attaining mental health (Pearson Education, 2012). The therapist is also effective in questioning the student since he gives options for the answers and the feedback expected from the questioning. He is also interactive enough since he asks questions at the end of any comment. He also seeks consultation about the background of the family. The therapist focuses on the immediacy of the situation between the boy and his siblings because he wants to identify the causes of frustrations within the family. He also wants to identify the existing roles between the boy and how the family reacts to relevant issues that they hold dear between them. It is like the therapist is trying to find out the pattern of behaviors and how they add up to the frustrations of the family. Working with the boy’s mum is one of the factors that are involved in the Adlerian approach of psychology. For instance, the engagement is one major factor in the approach (Carlson, Watts, & Maniacci, 2006). Investigating the family constellation would call for someone who can explain the history of each individual. The counseling method that applies the Adlerian approach considers the nature of every sibling which may involve a person with a familiar mind. This idea illustrates the Adlerian approach since it satisfies the engagement and reorientation elements involved. Reference Carlson, J., Watts, R. E., & Maniacci, M. (2006). Adlerian therapy: Theory and practice. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Pearson Education. (2012). Welcome to the Coun 5240 MyHelpingLab videos website for Capella University. Retrieved fromhttp://www.pearsoncustom.com/mn/capella_coun5240



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