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Freelance Blogger and Journalist

About Me

Hey there!!

My name is Mary Jones. Since April 2021, I've been working as a full-time freelance writer, however, I've been freelancing part-time since 2014, mainly writing blog posts and website content for various niches. I have a background in retail management and journalism. Currently, I'm freelancing with the Dallas Express writing on the health and education beat, as well as blog writing for other clients on a project-by-project basis. 

I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in 2015. Creative writers have great attributes to brighten up your web pages for more traffic and create a unique brand presence utilizing email and social media marketing. 

In short, check out what I excel at:

Blog writing
Diverse topics
Health and wellness content
Website content
Keyword implementation
Rewriting content
Crafting news stories
Interviewing sources
Creative writing

Check out my newly created writing portfolio for examples of what I can do:



Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Blog Outlines: Their Use For Outsourced Work

Outsourcing work is difficult because you have to trust that the person you hire will deliver content with the same tone and intent as all your other content. That’s why blog outlines are so important. Writing weekly blogs is tough when paired with other responsibilities you handle within your business. Blog outlines organize all the information you want the blog to say and expand on pinpointed details by dividing them into sections.


What's The Best TLD For Your Business?

To have your own website means you need a domain name. Duh, right? Well, something you might not know is how many TLDs, or Top Level Domains, are available. These are what come at the end of a website name. The most common and well-known is .COM. It’s the originator and still a highly trusted TLD, judging by the over 52% of people who used it, as noted by Statista.



Freelance Writer

Articles, Blog Posts, Guest Posts, Newsletters, Social Media updates

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 10/2016 until now

Freelance Journalist

I wrote news stories in the health and education beats.

Company: The Dallas Express

I worked there from 6/2021 until 7/2022


I reported on news stories involving education, government, and agricultural topics.

Company: Daily Advocate

I worked there from 2/2018 until 7/2018

Content Creator

write content for website

Company: Odyssey

I worked there from 5/2017 until 8/2017

Contributing Writer

Company: Thrive Global

I worked there from 1/2017 until 1/2017

Languages I Write In

Content I Write


Quality work on-time!

Mary and I worked together on a blog post for nDash. Her post, Blog Outlines: Their Use for Outsourced Work, checked off all the boxes -- there were minimal edits, and the piece was easy to optimize. I'll definitely work with her again. Thank you, Mary!

Jenn Greenleaf, nDash