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Content Producer, Writer, Social Media Manager, Data Analyst

About Me

Experienced writer, blogger / social media marketer, and online content producer.

Data analyst with several years of experience as a business analyst and implementation consultant.

Real estate broker with 15-years of experience.

My strengths include:

• Years of experience writing about diverse subjects for distinct audiences

• The ability to explain complex concepts and procedures

• Excellent organizational & interpersonal skills.  I am a leader with strong communication skills. I thrive at creative problem-solving and working alone and with teams of individuals. I excel at client service.

Skills: Communicating, writing, blogging, essaying, managing, branding, marketing

Technical: SQL, Intermediate Excel, WordPress, Sitecore, Ektron, Confluence, and HTML

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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Real Estate

Find writers and ideas in this industry

Real Estate

Find writers and ideas in this industry

Real Estate

Find writers and ideas in this industry

Real Estate

Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Notorious Boston Nightclub Gets New Life as Apartments

A notorious Boston property is about to embark upon what is at least its fourth life. Back in the 1920s and 1930s, Charles “King” Solomon was a Boston gangster, smuggling rum imported from Latin America between Boston and New York and New Jersey. He, and other bootleggers, ran a rum-running fleet, as it transported rum by ships on the Atlantic. Solomon owned several nightclubs, including Boston’s Cotton Club, and the infamous Cocoanut Grove, from 1931-1933, prior to its burning down, in 1942.


Why would anyone spend $3,000 on an apartment?

I’m going to break the news to you gently. There are plenty of people in Boston who can afford to pay $3,000-even $4,000-to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city; in fact, there are thousands of them. According to the Census Bureau, there are more than 64,000 households in Boston where annual income is in excess of $100,000; 17,000 households made more than $200,000 last year. Paying $3,000 per month is considered “affordable” to these couples earning more than $100,000 a year.The fact is


Chinatown Is Changing, Yet Again

After spending an afternoon in Boston’s Chinatown, you’ll come to the conclusion that only people of certain incomes can afford to live there: the rich. And the poor.The rich live in tony condominium complexes that cost $1,200+ per square foot and apartment buildings that rent for $3,000 a month for a studio. The poor live in subsidized housing, with the gloomy exteriors to prove it. Beyond those extremes, there’s not much else in terms of housing stock.If there’s a reason for it, it’s that few




During the past fifteen years I have established myself as a successful real estate agent. I create all of the content for my websites. I use organic search results to boost readership levels on my website, leading to inquiries from potential clients, who then let me assist them in purchasing and selling their homes. I negotiate on each client's behalf and manage the entire process from start to finish, involving agents, home inspectors, lawyers.

Company: John A Keith Real Estate

I worked there from 2/2002 until now

Communications Operations Consultant

As a consultant at Uber during this 12-week assignment, I was tasked with updating their in-house knowledge base and creating and rewriting rider-response form letters. (Anytime you send a complaint through their app, the reply you receive was probably written by me!) This was a high-energy / intense project requiring me to learn fast, write well, and adapt quickly.

Company: Uber

I worked there from 1/2017 until 4/2017

Contributing Writer

I wrote daily columns about Boston real estate, development, business, and politics for the Boston magazine website. Worked under tight deadlines to turn around timely stories.

Company: Boston magazine online

I worked there from 5/2014 until 9/2014

Content Producer

A temporary position, I helped with a major data conversion project, editing descriptions of some of the seven million products that exist on the Wayfair.com website.

Company: Wayfair

I worked there from 1/2014 until 6/2014

Freelance Writer

I wrote weekly columns for the local edition of Patch, a nationwide network of hyper-local news and opinion websites, focused on real estate, development, business and politics.

Company: Patch

I worked there from 10/2010 until 5/2012

Content Producer

On an as-needed basis. I used various content management systems including Ektron and Sitecore to input, update, and create content for client websites. I edited HTML code.

Company: Genuine Interactive

I worked there from 12/2009 until 5/2012

Freelance Writer

I wrote a daily real estate column for Boston Herald online focused on buying and selling your home and about living in the city of Boston and its history, politics, and business. I wrote ~240 columns over a period of 2 1/4 years.

Company: Boston Herald

I worked there from 12/2008 until 3/2011

Content I Write