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I am a travel journalist, copywriter and content marketing writer. You can see my latest work at portfolio.jwlew.com/

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How to Fly First Class on your Honeymoon

My travel articles and blog posts...You want every moment of your honeymoon to be special; you want the memory-making, pampering and romance to start the second that you take off for whatever destination you have chosen for your first vacation as a married couple. Why not kick your honeymoon off on the right note by flying premium class?


Why Airports are Embracing Renewable Energy

The largest airports in the world have the land areas and populations of small cities. They operate around the clock and move tens of millions of passengers each year. They are constantly looking for ways to source the power needed to keep their energy-hungry operations on track.


Universal Lounge Access Only the Start of Bangkok Airways Perks

Billing itself as “Asia’s boutique airline,” Bangkok Airways features organic in-flight meals and lounges that welcome all its passengers (even those in economy class). These traits set the Thai carrier apart from the competition. However, its most attractive attribute may be its routes to underserved destinations within Thailand.


Hawaii Wants Bitcoin to Play a Role in its Tourism Industry

Hawaii is considering a move that could give Bitcoin a bigger role in the tourism industry.


Are hotels lagging behind travellers' technology needs?

Hotels are lagging behind travelers' tech needs.


Hooked on BBC's 'Death in Paradise?' Come See Where It's Filmed.

Can a TV show be good enough to inspire tourists to visit a destination? One quiet corner of the Caribbean hopes so, aiming to capitalize on the BBC series "Death in Paradise."




Covered hospitality, destinations and commercial airlines.

Company: Travel Pulse

I worked there from 1/2015 until 6/2016


Features, articles, slideshows, and other content

Company: MNN

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

Writer and editor

Writer and editor for wedding and honeymoon site.

Company: Venuelust

I worked there from 1/2014 until 6/2016

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