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About Me

I'm passionate about sharing obscure digital marketing information that will help other business owners and marketers achieve their goals.

I have a deep and intimate knowledge of SaaS, B2B, and the healthcare industry. I'm passionate about sharing obscure digital marketing information that will help other business owners and marketers achieve their goals. 

You can see some of my lifestyle content on Lifehack.org as well as work samples on http://Katana.Pressfolios.com. 

When I'm not writing copy, I'm writing music or reading.

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My Writing Samples

How Fundraising Software Will Help Increase Donations

When it comes to raising funds, obscurity is a nightmare for your organization. The easier it is toreach out and make others aware of your non-profit, the better. It is essential for non-profits tooperate like for-profit organizations if they want to succeed long-term. As a part of businessoperations, you need the ability to accept donations anywhere and anytime. Not only that, you needa platform that allows you to automate your message and raise awareness.


5 Tips for Creating Better Invoices

Harvard Law School case management makes skillful use of legal billing software. Even the Director ofState Courts entrusts billing software to send invoices securely. Law firm billing software is alsorelied upon for research management and citation at Yale.


Why Legal Document Management is The New Standard of Efficiency

As a legal professional, you understand that deadlines and organization are crucial. Some legal practices are adopting the technology more quickly than others. Legal document management will help you run your practice in an organized way and stay productive.


How To Guarantee Your Course Will Be Profitable and Loved

So you’ve spent months building your course and now you’re ready to show it to the world. Where are the people that want to take your course? How do you build trust and make them care? Better yet, are you going to get a return for any of your efforts? When you create an online course, you need to know if it’s going to be profitable before you launch.There is an easy way to tell if there is a market that wants your product, there are already courses available.


What is Malware Removal? (Sales Page)

Has your website been infected or blacklisted? Malware removal is essentially the scanning and removal of infected files on your website or computer. The process is a series of actions that must be taken following a hack or injection of corrupted files. Malware is malicious software typically used for illicit reasons that disturbs the normal function of websites, apps, and computers. Its removal is essential to the security of your information.


How To Use Appoint.ly To Close More Clients

Make it easier for your clients to schedule appointments with you by using Appoint.ly. Clients can pick a time slot with one easy click. The software makes it impossible to double book a time slot in your schedule, helping you to clarify your day.



Media Coordinator/ Copywriter/ Office Manager

My experience as the Media Coordinator for Texas SuperFood included developing all email marketing campaigns, which generated more than five figures within three days of each email. I held a few different titles at this company which included managing a chiropractic facility and handling treatment plans.

Company: Texas SuperFood/ Nuplexa

I worked there from 12/2013 until 8/2015

Copywriter/ Digital Strategist

Early 2016, I established myself as an independent digital marketer and copywriter. I produce content for clients in SaaS, cyber security, insurance, healthcare, and finance.

Company: Growth Masters

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

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