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A passionate communicator, advocate, and opinion maker with executive-level experience in law, public policy, and government. (Don't let the boyish good looks fool you.)

About Me

With thirteen years as a practicing lawyer, plus eight more as an elected State Legislator, I bring a unique set of skills and experience to the table as a writer and communicator. I began writing for the local newspaper when I was fourteen years old and have never stopped writing.

I am transitioning out of active legal practice and looking to freelance full-time, which will allow me to spend more time with my wife and my two young sons, Atticus and Augustus (also known as Goose).

I can tailor my writing style to pretty much whatever the project requires, but my natural style is conversational with humor sprinkled in to keep the reader entertained. My experience runs the gamut from complex legal pleadings and briefs to policy analysis to compelling editorial content to first person narratives to humor. 

I stick to deadlines and welcome constructive criticism.


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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples


Blaming everything wrong with America on millennials has become so popular that you expect to see it added as an Olympic event in 2020. But instead of turning the tables and blaming Baby Boomers or Generation X, let’s focus on one of the areas where millennials are light-years ahead of previous generations- investing.



One of the most heart-wrenching aspects of sexual abuse cases against children is the fact that the perpetrator is very often somebody in a position of trust with the victim. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, about half of all convicted offenders of sexual abuse against a child had a prior relationship with the child victim, either through friends or family.



When we hear about the Internet of Things (IoT), the focus is primarily centered on consumer-centric products designed to work together within the home. But there is a significant segment of the IoT industry dedicated to improving retail operations for businesses. Given the undeniable struggles and subsequent downsizing of the brick and mortar retail industry, taking an IoT-centric approach could mean the difference between consistent sales and empty big box locations.


Are Bartolotta, PA GOP, Funneling Taxpayer Dollars for Re-Election Bids? Evidence Suggests Yes.

Despite numerous cautionary tales in recent years focusing on the Pennsylvania Legislature, it is almost beyond the pale to imagine an elected official using official taxpayer-funded resources for blatantly political purposes. But a nearly two-month investigation has revealed that email addresses submitted to the official, taxpayer-funded website of state Sen. Camera Bartolotta, who is facing her first re-election bid on Nov. 6 – were used to send fundraising solicitation emails.


Are PA Democratic Legislative Hopefuls Being Forced to Sink or Swim Before Blue Wave Hits?

As the 2018 Election Cycle begins its wind into the homestretch, some Democratic candidates for Pennsylvania State House and Senate will wake up one day in early October to realize those months of planning, personal sacrifice, and hard work will likely not be enough to put their campaigns over the top. Most voters may not understand this, but many campaigns are decided well in advance of Election Day; not by the voters, but by “Stakeholders” who fund most closely-contested political campaigns.


We’re told to avoid talking politics at Thanksgiving. This year, we need to.

One of the cardinal rules for Thanksgiving dinner in recent years is to avoid talking about politics at family gatherings. In fact, the concept of the racist Drunk Uncle is now equally identifiable with Thanksgiving as cranberry sauce, with the common denominator being that nobody wants to put either of them anywhere near their mouth.



Attorney at Law

Owned and managed a small law firm in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, focusing on bankruptcy, civil litigation, estates and trusts, election law, real estate, contracts, criminal defense, family law and personal injury. Managed all operations and advertising, including extensive use of social media as primary outreach. Built practice from one-man-operation to seven full-time employees.

Company: Law Offices of Jesse White

I worked there from 2/2004 until 4/2017

State Legislator

Represented 65,000 constituents as elected state legislator for the 46th District of Pennsylvania, writing over fifty pieces of legislation including several bills signed into law. Served on Judiciary, Labor, and Industry, ConsumerAffairs, Aging, and Policy Committees. Wrote a weekly column for print and online distribution designed to break down complex legislative issues into an engaging and easy-to-understand format for the general public.

Company: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

I worked there from 11/2006 until 11/2014

Campaign Manager

Responsibilities include the 2018 Congressional Primary and 2019 State Senate Nominating Convention. Managed all political campaign operations including strategy, staffing, communications, voter contact, social media strategy and management, graphic design and video production. Led campaign staff acquisitions and strategic deployment of staff. Drove all strategic communications and voter contact strategy, successfully expanding campaign reach. Served as primary political advisor to the candidate

Company: Solomon for PA (Political Campaign)

I worked there from 1/2018 until 2/2019

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