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About Me

Do your customers and clients like your brand? Do they trust your company to fulfill its promises? When people read your blog or the articles you’ve placed in publications, do they flock to your website?

These are all questions that you’ve asked yourself, and found that the answers have left you wanting more. You’re looking for those articles that come from the heart and speak directly to your audience, not only answering their questions but addressing them as friends and colleagues, not strangers. This is an especially hard challenge for technical brands, such as those that create developer tools, financial software or chemical hardware.

I work with companies to develop content that lets their brand’s personality come through and speaks directly to their target audience. The quotes and articles I’ve delivered to clients have been published by CIO, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Huffington Post, Computerworld, Treasury & Risk, Accounting Today, HazMat Magazine and Financial Executive International, and many others. I’ll dig into the nitty-gritty details of your products, technology, and goals, and work with you to create content and messaging that highlights the very best aspects of your brand, innovation, and culture.

Drop me a line today and we can get started!

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My Writing Samples

Cuba works to join the global economy, and IT sees a golden opportunity

An examination of the impact that Cuba coming online would have, especially for the software industry. I interviewed several key players in this article.


How To Hire (And Keep) Female Developers

Women are still scarce in software companies, but what can HR and management do to fix the problem? I interviewed employees and leadership from Audible, LinkedIn and more in this article.


Not for the squeamish: Making a case for alternative private investments in Nigeria

Many professionals overlook Africa when searching for opportunities, but that's no longer wise. This article examines the economic upturn and growing startup culture in Nigeria specifically, and pinpoints a few areas that investors would be wise to take an interest in.


Talent Analytics: The Best Way To (Actually) Know Your Employees

This is a commissioned article for ADP on the benefits of using talent analytics software.


Why Rent Is a Huge Issue Right Now for Boston Biotech, Especially in Kendall Square

The world of biotech revolves around a 1x1 mile area in Cambridge, MA. What happens now that it's full?



Content Director

As Content Director, I manage the MediaGen department and ghostwrite content for our clients. Roosterly is a marketing and reputation startup that offers 360 content marketing services. Our state of the art social media assisted-A.I. software keeps your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook populated with exciting content, while our MediaGen team keeps your name in the news.

Company: Roosterly

I worked there from 3/2017 until now

Content Creator

I create content for technical, marketing and financial brands. When readers are evaluating whether or not to purchase your services, often times they are unable to understand the finer details - that's why they need you, the expert! I work with brands like yours to create messaging that gives your clients and leads a thorough understanding of your services, without overwhelming them with details.

Company: Self

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Account Executive

Created content, including articles and quotes, for financial, procurement, chemical and software clients that incorporated market and global trends and independent research and was written in a variety of styles and voices. Managed media relationships, including placing content and initiating interviews with trade and business press such as Treasury & Risk, FEIDaily, Computerworld, CIO and FierceDeveloper.

Company: PAN Communications

I worked there from 3/2015 until 1/2016

Content I Write