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Good content costs … time, research, effort, and money. Or does it? The most valuable elements of any content are the ability to communicate with clarity and rhetorical persuasion. Is it clear? Does it sell? Does it educate? Does it entertain?

About Me


Nothing like a good buzz word (or two) to get the mouth-watering and the mind swimming.

So … 1. What is “content marketing”?

For all its hype, content marketing is built on a simple principle: add value to your audience’s lives and add it for free.

Persuasion experts call it reciprocity.

Regular humans call it goodwill, trust, and (well) karma.

2. How do you “content market”? By targeting your audience, identifying their (not your) genuine needs, and then—here’s the shocker—actually meeting those needs.

Real help on real topics for real people.

What stops most businesses from engaging in effective content marketing is (1) a lack of outside perspective—thinking like sellers instead of customers—and (2) time—crafting readable, engaging, SEO-friendly content is hard, consuming work.

And that’s exactly where I can help.

Content.... The world—and especially the world-wide-web—turns on content. From commerce to collateral, branding to blogging, management to marketing, content makes the world go round. Why is so much of what is on the web is it so bad? The simple answer is

The simple answer is investment.

Good content costs … time, research, effort, and money. Or does it?

The most valuable elements of any content are the ability to communicate with clarity and rhetorical persuasion.

Is it clear?

Does it sell?

Does it educate?

Does it entertain?

A “no” to any of these question (and most content fails miserably at one or more) inevitably spells disaster and you waste your time, effort and money.

In other words, it's not good content that costs … it’s bad.

My mission is simple: to save the world from bad content.

Redemption …

Every piece of content — from blogs to videos, emails to podcasts, ebooks to infographics — must answer two questions:

What misery does it correct?

What atonement does it deliver unto?

That might sounds a bit harsh but it’s the most visceral way to make your content about them not you.

Self-centeredness is a plague.

A plague that kills.

Good content rescues its audience.

It solves real problems, it educates or entertains real people by delivering real value.

Connecting …

If you’re interested in hiring me, I’m taking new clients right now.

If you want to know a little more about me....

I've spent the last 8+ years in Digital Marketing and additional 10+ in the Healthcare and CPG Markets.

I've worked with notable Fortune 50 companies ranging from American Express, First Data Corp, Abbott Labs, Novartis, Astra Zeneca, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

I have extensive experience in product launches, national account management, health technology and working with C-Suites in all aspects of the healthcare arena.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

What is Personailzed Medicine

We've all heard stories in the news or from family and friends where someone we may know is receiving drug therapy via personalized medicine.We may wonder how is that done exactly?How is modern medicine able to personalize drug selection and delivery?Let's walkthrough the steps and try to demystify the process: Taking a hypothetical patient, who let's say is diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.Personalized medicine, genomic medicine, precision medicine all are the same thing.


Leverage Your Massage Business with Client Interaction

One of the best ways to advertise your business is to let your clients help. Whether it is by adding a testimonial page to your website, or using Facebook or Twitter, many of today’s consumers are active, involved and have valuable points of view. In fact, many clients are enjoyable to interact with.


Storytelling: What Sets Great Brands Apart (Part 1)

We’ve all done it we walk into a store looking to purchase a particular brand named product and end up buying a different one.Every wonder why?Great brands are necessities, and as consumers, we relate to the brand story.Brands that take the time and invest in crafting the user story are the ones that leap and set the stage to become necessities vs. a luxury. The user story is the basis for establishing your brand story.The brand story is what sets your brand apart.


What is The Secret Sauce of Brand Traction

In a toy store sits a shiny new battery operated black jeep.It’s an affordable toy, and oh, man, does it look awesome….In walks a grandfather and his toddler grandchild.Of all the toys in the store, the black jeep catches the eye of both grandfather and grandchild.Some minutes pass as they circle the jeep – like piranha finding blood in the water – walking around the jeep, looking at it from every angle.They look at each other, smiling, in agreement that this would make a great first car for the


The Benefits of Value Based Healthcare

You walk into your doctor's office for a routine annual exam, and in the process, your doctor informs you that you need additional tests completed. These include other blood work to screen for a Vitamin D deficiency, your first colonoscopy and an eye exam.While these test may seem excessive at first blush, you soon realize that your medical doctors are working in unison to keep you as healthy as possible for as long as possible.


Is there a link between stem cells, bacteria and stomach cancer?

Gastric cancer is a common occurrence with an annual (USA) death rate of 10,960 people (6,720 men and 4,240 women) according to the American Cancer Society. Annually approximately 28,000 cases of stomach cancer will be diagnosed. Most patients will be older, with an average age of 69 at time of diagnosis.


Dad broke his hip, now you need a trust….

The phone rings at 2:00 am that wakes you up out of a dead sleep. You roll over in bed and grab the phone that's on the nightstand; fog fills your head as you say hello. On the other end of the phone is the hospital emergency room in the town your elderly parents relocated to. The nurse on the phone informs you that your father fell ...


Content Marketing Strategy: Game Killer or Game Changer

Poor and mediocre content marketing is more often built on questionable assumptions and generalities of your target audience.Investing the time, effort and research to create detailed personas that reflect the actual buyer journey will pay off handsomely.While it may seem easier to skip these steps and dive straight into writing the typical generic blog posts. This results in poor targeting and poor results. You would be better off finding something else to invest your marketing dollars into.


A A No B.S. Guide To Word of Mouth Marketing

I’ve written on this site before about how word of mouth has been one of the main drivers of growth at my own business and how I use word of mouth marketing for clients. But while word of mouth sounds simple on the surface, I’ve been hearing a lot of questions lately about how you actually put it into practice. What is it that makes consumers share the products they love with others? And how can marketers encourage this particular type of viral sharing for their software products?


Emotional Connections Ignite Word of Mouth Marketing, What Are You Doing To Drive WOM?

So how do you build an emotional connection with your target audience? Today more than ever customers are fickle and smarter than many marketers. In fact: - 76% of consumers don't believe ads (Yankelovich) - 92% of consumers say that word of mouth is the best source for product ideas to purchase (McKinsey) -15% of every conversation includes a branded product or service (Northwestern University) Fame can help you sell a few things fast, but having people feel that they know you establish.


Stop Selling, Start Helping

You're probably wondering how can you promote your business if you aren’t allowed to sell? Oo how can Carol promote her content marketing services without selling these services? Well, this rule has a good reason behind it, and believe it or not, it is one that will give your content a boost, allow me to show what I mean so that I can help you produce content that adds value. On average, consumers are exposed to over 300 ads a day.


Why You Need To Have An Inbound Marketing Plan

Starting a business today is easier than in the past, with the advent and development of the Internet and other technological resources now readily available. Growing and running a business is another story. A business needs to be able to develop brand awareness and generate leads with a lean team and a limited budget. This is where inbound marketing comes in. So, how do you set up an inbound marketing playbook to drive qualified leads?


9 Common Mistakes Car Dealerships Make with Social Media Management

When it comes to car shopping today, social media sites are a significant influencer in a car buyer’s decision making journey. Today, marketers understand that social sites need to be integrated into the marketing strategy. Brands that truly embrace social media brands have a fully integrated social marketing approach to generate leads and engage with customers. With more and more consumers turning to social, the automotive industry needs to get fully engaged with social selling.


What Is The Value Of Social Media Marketing In The Automotive Industry?

A good social media strategy requires as much careful planning, time and thought as any other type of marketing. Despite this, we often see social media at the bottom of the marketing priority list for managers. We see business owners passing it off to an intern, sales member or low-level marketing person. With 84% of car buyers using Facebook and 66% of car buyers who viewed a Facebook Ad and clicking on it, it is pretty shocking that social media isn’t paid more attention by auto dealer


Forget The Competition, Dealerships Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Bet I got your attention. Good, I mean to. The days of blasting consumers with non-stop ads to sell and service vehicles are coming to an end. Technology is changing how consumers purchase cars and competing on price alone opens the door for tech companies to literally take significant market share from dealers. And, dealers have ensured that it's not that hard for technology companies to do so. From Carvana to now FairTheApp, consumers have options on how and where to purchase or service


12 Unique Lead Generation Ideas for 2018

Every company no matter how big or small depends on lead generation for their survival. Very few businesses can survive with a steady base of regular customers, for growth, every company needs new customers to fill the gap when customers move, retire, etc. Let’s start by defining what precisely lead generation is:



Content Marketing / Branding and Strategy Consultant

- Freelance Content Writer, SEO Writer, Blogger, Ghostwriter - Wrote web content, SEO and blog articles. Topics include healthcare from cardiovascular to diabetes and new pharmaceuticals, medical devices and Health Information Technology. - Freelance Content Writer, SEO Writer, Blogger, Ghostwriter - Wrote web content, SEO and blog articles. Topics include: SAAS, ecommerce, social selling, CRO, CX, marketing, social selling, advocate marketing, influencer marketing, Facebook and Instagram

Company: Content Writer and Brand Strategy Consultant

I worked there from 10/2013 until now

Founder, President & CEO

Responsible for all aspects of the company including Sales & Marketing, Finance, Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and HR. Successfully launched and grew a national brand from a garage to the top twenty position in the first aid product category. Delivered $1 million in sales in 1Q13. Yielded a net profit margin of 75% with a start-up business while developing marketing channels and forging retail and licensing partnerships with multi-national market leaders.

Company: Private Company

I worked there from 1/2008 until 9/2013

Business Development Manager

Managerial position with emphasis on expanding reach within healthcare insurance market. Grew newly founded AmEx Healthcare to one of top country payors service providers. Negotiated partnerships with C-Suite at national healthcare payers and providers to establish American Express first business presence within the healthcare marketplace.

Company: American Express - Healthcare

I worked there from 1/2006 until 1/2008

FIrst Data Corp

Executive function concentrated on new product launch and development of strategic partnerships. Established relationships with payers, providers and health plan and Medicare / Medicaid administrators in Health Information Technology industry. Developed partnerships with Electronic Medical Record vendors

Company: Vice President - Healthcare

I worked there from 1/2005 until 1/2006

Content I Write