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A Journalist Who Loves to Write

About Me

Ed is a journalist, ghostwriter, and web designer proudly from Melbourne, Australia. He has written widely in a variety of fields from local news to the international arena, and also holds an ongoing role as ghostwriter and consultant to numerous clients.

Beyond his media work, Ed holds a background in civics and public policy, and retains an interest in the growth of online services and shift towards a truly digital economy.  

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My Writing Samples

Ghostwriter Ethics: A Quiet Word on Quiet Work for New Writers

This article illustrates my approach to ghostwriting based upon many years of experience.


What’s the Difference Between a Journalist, a Copywriter, and an Author? (And Why it’s Important to

This article is a helpful explainer for anyone seeking to understanding what sort of writer they require for a particular project.


The Sensory Overload of Content Promotion: How to Navigate ‘the Noise’ of Online

The digital economy offers tremendous opportunity but it can also be confronting for a new business looking to build a following. This piece offers a number of strategies on how to grow with strength and consistency.


Speaking the Language of SEO between Client and Copywriter

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses that seek help with SEO know they need it - but don't how know to communicate it. This piece seeks to correct that.


Do I Specialise? and 4 other Questions to Ask About a New Career

The global economy is growing rapidly in a number of new areas. This makes deciding what career (or new career) to pursue a very difficult question. This piece details 5 key questions everyone should ask themselves when considering a new direction.



Kennedy Content

Ed began his business in digital media within an era of disruption. Amidst these challenges, Ed looked to identify opportunities to build his skills in new ways and new areas, and build the business thereafter. Starting with journalism and copywriting, today Kennedy Content produces work across numerous fields from writing to graphic design, web development to online advertising, and more. A commitment to clients and delivering terrific results underpins the business across all projects.

Company: Content Producer

I worked there from 3/2011 until now

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