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About Me

Jamie is a professional content writer with a specialization in Automotive, Insurance, and IT Management niches. Some of Jamie's content has been published with sites such as Squeeze.com, PureDigitalInc.com, SSARP.com, iBuyPower, eBay, American Protection Bureau, Cars.com, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Driversed.com, Columbia, and many more.

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My Writing Samples

Top Predictions in Cybersecurity for 2020

As more companies start to replace outdated office equipment with cloud-enabled technology, they will require an updated cybersecurity plan for the increased internal infrastructure vulnerabilities.


SIM vs. eSIM: Is shifting to a new technology even worth it?

I’m always trying to weigh the difference between new technology to find out whether they’re worth investing in, and that’s likely why you’re here. You’ve heard of eSIM and how it’s improving the signal quality for people around the world, so should you purchase a phone with compatibility for eSIM?


Gain Competitive Edge in the Automotive Industry with Managed Services

The surge of artificial intelligence and eco-friendly provisions impact the automotive industry across the board, and many companies experience service delays if they lack the resources to meet demands. There’s not much the industry can do to decrease the pace of developments, but if businesses want to remain competitive in the industry, they must establish a coordinated IT strategy.


Epson: What to Look Forward to in 2020

Currently, 70% of Epson’s business is printer related, followed by 20% visual communications, and the remaining portion stems from wearable technology, robotics, and more. Although robotic technology only contributes to a small percentage of Epson’s overall revenue, it’s predicted that these numbers may increase in the future.


Can I Add a Friend To My Car Insurance?

Your friend is in a pinch and asks to borrow your car. You say yes, of course. Or maybe you have a teenager in the house who is learning to drive, so you let them practice with your car. Most of us have been in one of these situations before. But is it a good idea to let someone else get behind the wheel of your car?


What You Should Know about Google's BERT Algorithm

On October 21st, 2019, BERT was integrated into Google’s search system. It included featured snippets along with support for any English-language questions. Eventually, Google BERT will include support for all languages, but there is no expected date for this to occur. As of now, there is no sure way of telling how it affects websites with existing search engine optimized content. However, it might make changes to the way featured snippets appear in search results.



Freelance Content Writer

Write SEO blogs, landing pages, or copy for clients as selected per project. Expertise topics – automotive, insurance, IT management. Top 3 Automotive Writers - https://www.clearvoice.com/hire-freelancers/automotive-vehicle/

Company: ClearVoice

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

Expert Technical Writer

Develop research-driven, detailed, and engaging SEO blog content covering technological topics. Work with QA to enhance writing skills.

Company: Express Writers

I worked there from 10/2019 until 2/2020

Content Writer/Contractor

Collaborate with the content management team to produce SEO-optimized premium blog posts or product descriptions.

Company: BKA Content

I worked there from 5/2018 until 8/2019

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