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Freelance Writer focusing on business, environment, green energy, health and wellness, and community.

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LinkedIn: It's About Being Found

As a tool of inbound marketing, a strong LinkedIn profile makes it easy for recruiters to call you once they know you have the talents they need. Alex Freund, known as the landing expert, discusses the importance of using an engaging headline on your LinkedIn profile. He introduces the effective use of keywords and their relation to applicant tracking systems, and more.


Save the Planet & Save Some Money

Taking an economic approach to clean energy, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are among several multinational businesses that have pledged to source 100 percent of their energy needs from renewables by 2020 or sooner. Co-founder of C-Change Conversations, Kathleen Biggins, shows how climate change issues can affect the job market, operating costs, relationships with consumers, investors, and employees, office down time, and delivery of products.


Opiod Addiction and Treatment Options

Opioid addiction affects a diverse range of people in terms of age, gender and social status, and causes a variety of behaviors and habits. Dr. James McCreath from Trinitas Regional Medical Center estimates that 250 to 270 patients per year admitted for medical treatment struggle with some sort of addictive behavior. This article discusses a variety of treatment options, offering practical advice and hope for addiction sufferers, families, and employers.


Agile Transitions for Managers

Ideally, a company's transition to an Agile environment is a welcome and positive experience for all managers right from the start. But when reality sets in, some resist the change based on a fear of losing power. Managers become more receptive to an agile environment when they realize their worth in moving a project forward is not a matter of giving orders but of creating the best circumstances for the team to work effectively and efficiently.


How Not to Get Hacked

Internet and cell phone users are part of the problem when it comes to cyber attacks, but users can also be part of the solution. Cyber security expert Scott Schober urges us to become informed and follow best practices, steps that everyone can take to protect themselves and their companies.


Meditation Is For Everyone

Living at one’s highest potential on a daily basis seems to be an unrealistic goal for many people. But Susan Wilk, founder of Focused Mind Dynamics, has a different perspective based on 16 years of teaching meditation. This state of being can be available to anyone through a regular practice, she says. Everyone can meditate, even those who think they can’t because they have “chatty minds.” In this article, Wilk shares simple techniques to release stress and improve overall well-being.


Kidsbridge Keeps Door Open For Understanding

The Kidsbridge museum focuses on empathy and empowerment. Through various exercises, the child who has been targeted gains self-esteem through self-affirming actions such as speaking up to the bully, writing in a journal, or sharing with a friend. The child who is a bystander learns about becoming an “upstander” through strategies such as walking the target away from the scene. The person who is being harmful learns about empathy and why it’s not cool to bully. ….


Communicating With Wall Street

A common mistake start-ups make when appealing to investors is not understanding what they want to know. New companies often approach the funder assuming that he will automatically see the potential of the company’s product and welcome it as a worthwhile investment. In this article, business consultant Shalini Cornelio offers advice to entrepreneurs who are seeking funding.


'The Friendly Railroad' Preserves -- and Creates -- Memories

When Doodlebug No. 4666 pulled up to the Ringoes train station, six-year-old Michael Shea could hardly wait to climb aboard the self-propelled passenger coach. It was 1989, and his grandparents were treating Shea and his brother to a train ride on the Black River & Western Railroad (BR&W) from Ringoes to Lambertville. “That experience has never left me,” says Shea. Currently, BR&W offers round-trip jaunts from Ringoes, various themed train rides, and holiday adventure rides. …


Internships: Good For Students, Good For Business

The New Jersey Institute of Technology, Union County College and Rutgers University all offer robust internship programs that align students’ majors and career goals with companies that need the talents they offer. Schools work closely with employers to provide internships that are beneficial to both the student and the company. In the interest of matching student and employer interests, the schools offer internships on an individual basis or through various programs. ….



Freelance Writer

Write feature articles, announcements, advertorials, and web copy for several publications, including Inside Business, U.S.1, Scrum Alliance, West Windsor-Plainsboro News, Trenton Downtowner. Previous publications include Maximize Communications, Princeton Echo, Yahoo News.

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I worked there from 1/2001 until now

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