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Content Marketing | Copywriting

About Me

Hi there! 👋🏼

Based in the SF Bay Area, I've been writing my way through B2B tech for 4 years. I'm passionate about creating high quality, user centric content that delivers tangible results.

By day, I focus on content strategy and production at HackerRank. But when I'm not at my desk, you'll find me spending time with my Jack Russell, playing video games on one of my many consoles, or spending time by the beach at my home in Santa Cruz. 

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The Strange Politics of the "Full-Stack Developer" [Blog Post]

"Full-stack developer" isn't just a job title—it's a philosophy. Learn why this 3 word phrase is such a hotly debated topic in the world of engineering.


The Emergence of Gen Z [Presentation]

Gen Z will enter the workforce en masse for the first time in 2019. And they have a very different point of view on work than their Millennial peers. Here's what hiring teams need to know about recruiting the next generation in tech.


Screening Data Scientists vs. Data Analysts vs. Data Engineers [Blog Post]

What's the difference between a data scientist, a data analyst, and a data engineer? Their titles might sound the same, but their jobs aren't. Learn how to distinguish between the three.


HackerRank Products Page [Website Copy]

HackerRank sits on a goldmine of 150 million+ data points about developer hiring. HackerRank Insights puts them to work for you.


Best Practices for Amplifying Your University Recruiting Program [Blog Post]

How can one team of recruiters provide a personalized experience for thousands of university candidates? HackerRank's resident experts weigh in.


Student Developer Report [Microsite]

Hiring young developers has never been more competitive. This data-driven microsite unpacks what skills they have, how they learn, and what they're looking for in a job.


A Data-Driven Guide to Hiring Full-Stack Developers [Blog Post]

What do full-stack developers care most about in a job opportunity? Dig into insights from HackerRank's Developer Skills report to find out.



Content Marketing Manager

Helping to make tech hiring a fairer space. Guide content strategy & produce blog posts, whitepapers, research reports, website copy, and more to increase company visibility.

Company: HackerRank

I worked there from 9/2018 until now

Marketing Specialist

Provided freelance content creation & marketing support for companies in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 9/2016 until 9/2018

Marketing Communications Associate

Delivered copy graphics, and promotional support for outbound U.S. communications, including: blogs, press releases, email campaigns, case studies, social media content/ads, and more.

Company: Searchmetrics

I worked there from 3/2015 until 9/2016

Content I Write