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Business Development Consultant/CEO/Founder/Actor

About Me

SHAPESHIFTER, moving into different roles as needed; CO-EVOLVER, always on the lookout for new opportunities no matter the project; TRANSFORMER & REFRAMER of situations, I look for opportunities & meaning in crisis, am adaptive, resourceful, flexible, mobilizing resources to find solutions. In 2001 I ran the first global Internet campaign for a multinational corporation, showcasing cutting edge technology, and gaining a following of over 1 million unique visitors per week - still a huge feat today. In Stockholm I saw the need for & led the team to develop the first proprietary CRM tool - while Salesforce was being quietly developed in California. I've created & implemented many successful strategies for numerous companies in many verticals throughout my career, as well as for government agencies & celebrities. As a member of the European Union Trade Council's Femanet Project, I worked across the EU to increase female employment in the EU as part of the Lisbon Treaty. I combine many years as a financial analyst with C-Suite-level national & international experience in marketing, communications and business development to evolve new and revitalize stagnant revenue streams, develop strategic business and marketing plans, and make meaningful contributions as a corporate management team member. Since returning to the US, I've focused on working with startups, recently completing a three year project with a Silicon Valley company that came out of stealth mode with over $200 million in funding. I also worked with a group of French companies entering the US market. I have a strong interest in the sciences, having attended one of the top science schools in the world, where 7 Nobel Laureates & world renowned astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson also attended. I've guest-lectured at U of Miami & Florida International University. I speak four languages, and hold dual US/European Union citizenship, enabling me to live and work on both continents. Mensa member since 1980.

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Professional Actor


I worked there from /1986 until now

Boston Start-Up Services, a division of Maggie Curran LLC, serving startups across the USA

Company: Boston Start-Up Services (BostonStartupServices.com)

I worked there from 6/2017 until now


I'm a Business Development, Strategic Marketing and Communications Consultant, specializing in mergers/acquisitions, expansions, product launches, improving or launching new revenue streams. Customer-focus, metrics and competitor analysis are essential tools for me. I have global experience, and speak four languages: English, Swedish, Spanish and French. 75% of the work I do is confidential. Email me at Maggie@MaggieCurran.com or call 305-735-1040. I'm currently located on the East Coast, but am open to travel, short-term, long-term consulting.

Company: Maggie Curran LLC

I worked there from 1/2007 until now


Company: Critical Connector LLC

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

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