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About Me

I graduated with a MA in Enterpreneurship from Vern University in Zagreb and Public Policy and Management from Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Since graduating, I have worked mostly as journalist and editor in many Croatian and foreign newspapers and internet sites, but also as a PR manager for several companies. I have a strong belief that with my experience, enthusiasm, my knowledge and my willing to learn and also my contacts, I can provide a lot of benefits.

Except having "a nose" for THE story, You might say I'm having "a nose" for business as well. As strange as it sounds, I don't think that the journalist/editor/PR Manager has to know only about the writing . I think he/she has to know how to present it to the audience. And I know. I have the experience, I have my diplomas, and am a pretty eloquent person. You could say I know how to make each story interesting even if it is about selling carrots on the market.

When I started my college, I told myself that I'll never be a journalist. I wanted to change the world and be a politician. Then, after graduation I started to realize that you can actually change the world by changing public opinion. I worked with many eminent experts in the field of politics, psychology, economy etc. and I can say I have learned a lot. Still, as I've been traveling around the world last few years I realized that every country is like a child - different and unique. For example, Croatia and Germany are pretty comparable while Singapore seems to be totally different story (in terms of social arrangement, economy, people, culture etc.). I am computer-literate, speaking English fluently, and hopefully I'll improve may German that have been learning for 14 years (just didn't have the chance to use it often). Most of all I am prepared for hard work, I am great in deadlines and work great uder pressure. I am ready for long working hours, and am eager to learn. People would say I am a great organiser and I shouldn't forget that I tend to be very passionate about journalist way of life - as frenetic and as chaotic it may be.  

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My Writing Samples

Breaking: Bittrex Cancelled Fishy Raid (XRD) IEO

Bittrex crypto exchange said that they will launch an initial exchange offering (IEO) on behalf of RAID signifying an upturn in the rather dwindling cryptocurrency market while fostering global adoption. But are XRD tokens coming from a real company?


6 Banks Sign up to Issue Stellar-based Stablecoins on IBM’s World Wire

IBM announced today that its global payment network, IBM Blockchain World Wire, has enabled payment locations in 72 countries, with 47 currencies and 44 banking endpoints and that it has signed letters of intent with six global banks.


With Evaluation of $19.5B, Lyft is Set to Beat Uber to Stock Market IPO

Ride-sharing startup Lyft, set their clock ticking for its IPO likely in the next two weeks. The stock will trade as “LYFT” on Nasdaq, and the IPO range is currently set for between $62 and $68 per share


Mike Novogratz: Another BTC Value Surge is About to Happen

As Bitcoin (BTC) is clinging on to its $4,000 price tag, major crypto figures are betting big on a potential bull run. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that cryptocurrency investors should get too carried away by the recent price uptick.


Coinbase Raises Fees on Pro Exchange: Will Users Switch to Binance Instead?

The Coinbase team has announced that Coinbase Pro, the exchange’s advanced trading platform which supports features not available to the consumer platform, will experience several changes on March 22.


VISA Fintech is Building VISA Crypto Team Recruiting Experts

Few months ago, we were witnessing the warnings from analysts that Visa and Paypal will possibly be squeezed out from the market from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Be as it may for Paypal, but VISA Inc. is building a new “Crypto Team”.




Writing business & technology articles, factory tours, research and write industry white papers from Business / Intelligence / Market / FinTech / BizTech perspective.

Company: VR WORLD

I worked there from 1/2014 until now


Specializing in F&B import/export business (Europe-Asia). Always searching for new talents and connections. Involved with MasterChef Asia TV program in Singapore.


I worked there from 1/2015 until now

Managing Editor

Writing and editing stories about crypto market in the world. Day-to-day operations of a website. Generating story ideas; planning, assigning and editing content; overseeing spending; commissioning stories and art; overseeing production schedules and editorial calendars; and supervising editorial staff and freelancers.

Company: Arcane Bear

I worked there from 11/2017 until 6/2018

Editor In-Chief

Supervising the daily tasks of publishing media. Leading a team comprised of writers and other professionals in charge of creating original content to be published. Representing the editorial team’s interests when attending business meetings or media events.

Company: Datum Network (cryptoexplainer.com)

I worked there from 8/2017 until 3/2018


Working in areas of Economics, Food and Style. Conducting interviews with readers, sources and anyone directly involved in a story. Collecting and analysing information on any breaking news stories. Attending press launches, meetings and conferences, conducting interviews in person and over the phone, reviewing products and services and writing about it.


I worked there from 1/2012 until 1/2014


Analysing companies' financial reports, assisting in the research of equity positions for the GOP portfolio, and continually monitoring valuation metrics on fund securities, risk exposures, and developed exit/entry points for profit/loss targets.


I worked there from 3/2011 until 2/2012


Editing and writing for in 'Pametna kuna' – sister site of 24sata.hr in areas as finance, housing and investing .Gathered and edited daily Web content for online newsletter. Selected and posted stories to newsletter, updated banner ads. Maintained regular Web editorial features, archive, and promoted Web content. Developed press release program and strategies.

Company: 24 SATA

I worked there from 5/2010 until 4/2011


Managed, maintained, and edited the website as well as introduced various SAC events online. Created various new pages or additives on the website using widgets and/or Photoshop. Columnist and editor of the 'Lifestyle' section. I also managed some of the content of the website to be published on one of the world most influential websites Bloomberg (www.bloomberg.com)

Company: SEEBIZ.EU

I worked there from 11/2008 until 5/2010


Covered a range of areas (business, lifestyle, travel) as a full-time general assignment journalist for local dailies. Consistently singled out as one of the most prolific writers and productive story contributors among reporting staff at both papers.

Company: STYRIA

I worked there from 10/2007 until 11/2008


Writing stories and breaking news crypto and blockchain orientated. Also following and reporting about all fintech happenings including stock markets, conferences etc.

Company: CoinSpeaker

I worked there from 10/2018 until now

Content I Write