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Services Marketing Analyst at Cardinal Health

About Me

I’m a Midwestern millennial who’s perfect day starts with a workout and ends with a drink with friends. But I’m also a college math major, trained editor, former actuary, and B2B marketer with experience working with clients and agencies alike.

When you work with me, you work with a professional. I am responsive, meet deadlines, can edit my own work, and will make the process for you go as smoothly as possible – and you’ll love the results. Just ask my clients.

I have experience in the following areas, but I enjoy writing on a wide variety of topics: Healthcare, Employee Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Development and Productivity, and Fitness.

So if you need more content for your blog, so you can focus on the rest of your business, then I can help. When you hire me, you get a writer, editor, idea generator, and team player, all in one.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

5 Healthy Eating Excuses

We’ve all been there. You make a resolution to quit eating junk and clean up your diet. But slowly, excuses (and brownies, and pizza) start to creep in. Have you ever been guilty of these 5 excuses? Then learn how to fight back so you can maintain your healthy lifestyle and reach your goals.


Resolution Refresh: 3 Tips to Get Back on Track

How are your New Year’s resolutions faring? Still going strong? Or have you started to waver? It turns out a whopping 31.6% of resolutions don’t last more than two weeks and 41.6% don’t make it past one month. But while a lot of people fail each year to accomplish their resolution, people who make resolutions are still 10 times more likely to reach their goals than those who don’t. Basically, resolutions are important and they can help us reach our goals. The trick is sticking to them.


3 Hidden Benefits of Health Insurance that Save You Money

Health insurance — you have to have it, but you hate paying for it. While it may seem that health insurance costs are out of your control, there are actually ways to save money with your current plan. The truth is that most health insurance plans have additional benefits and resources that can help reduce how much you pay for care. Here are three benefits your health insurance likely provides, but that you may not know about:


Why Flossing Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

Every January, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions to improve some area of our life. The number one category of resolutions? Health.But it turns out that only around 8% of resolutions succeed. So many resolutions are too vague, too grand, or too difficult, leaving the majority of resolution-makers feeling defeated and discouraged at the end of the year (or by the end of January for some of us!).This year, why not make a resolution that’s easy to keep but still super important for your health?



Freelance writer and Ghostwriter

Freelance writer and ghostwriter specializing in health care and personal health and wellness

Company: www.KaraVogel.com

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Services Marketing Analyst

Company: Cardinal Health

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

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