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I can produce high-quality work in a short amount of time and I'm able to write compellingly across a wide range of topics, though I specialize in small business and marketing.

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How to Keep Your Best Employees—On a Shoestring Budget

Getting employees to think like business owners is a challenge many entrepreneurs don’t even know how to put into words. Instead, they say things like: Why can’t my employees take their work seriously? Why don’t they care as much as me? What am I doing wrong? We talked to small business owners to find out how they make their employees think and act like owners. Then, we asked those same people to tell us how they encourage their talented employees to stick around.


How to Consistently Generate Winning Content, Strategies, and Ideas

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Winning ideas, on the other hand, are a marketing agency’s cash flow. How do you keep that flow constant? Your ideas have to be original and compelling (and well-executed) so that they make sales for your client, and they have to be so outstanding that they beat your competition. But maybe the greatest challenge is to keep generating great ideas to that your business is always growing. Four proven strategies for generating great ideas over and over again


Design Smackdown: Building a Website that Sells in 25 Words or Less

Great web design doesn’t leave copy to the end. It integrates it into the design process from the beginning. The copy–the words, the phrasing, the language–you use on a web page are both the structure and the embellishments of your design.Get it right and you get your goal.Get it wrong and a whole lot of people leave your site frustrated and empty-handed, perhaps never to return.Like form and function, copy and design go hand in hand.What does a good copy-design relationship look like?


Ira Glass Created a Radio Show That is (Still) More Popular Than The Bachelor

If this were an ordinary story about a successful figure, right here I would begin detailing how Glass had always loved radio and writing and had followed his passion into the NPR studios that day. But this isn’t that story. when glass started out, he was a horrible reporter.I feel like I should say that again. When Ira Glass, the undisputed king of modern radio, started out as a radio reporter, he was horrible.


How David Gilboa Lost His Eyeglasses, Made $1 Billion, and Changed the World (With the Help of Some

Warby-Parker disrupted the eyewear market, and all it took was 4 guys willing to try out a crazy idea.


How To Reach Millennials: Two Web Design Case Studies

We’re always being asked by clients “How do we reach Millennials?”Millennials aren’t so different from other markets, but no one confounds businesses quite like them. They don’t buy homes, watch TV, get married. They move back in with their parents. How can you possibly reach a market that moves back in with their parents?Speaking as a Millennial, I have some ideas.


How to Get Your Employees to Stop Saying ‘That’s Above My Pay Grade’

Ever have an insufferable landlord? They may have treated you as nothing but a tenant when they should’ve allowed you to see—and take care of—their place as your own. It’s the same story with your employees. We asked small business owners to describe how they encourage an ownership mindset in their companies—and pulled out three things you can do to help you unbox that same feeling in your own office.



Content Writer

I write about web design, marketing and small business. Check it out! https://www.atxwebdesigns.com/blog/

Company: ATX Web Designs

I worked there from 8/2017 until now


Wrote B2C and B2B content, web copy and social media primarily for industrial, financial and real estate clients.

Company: Design At Work

I worked there from 6/2018 until now

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