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Marketing B2B Content and Technology

About Me

As a web developer and designer I collaborated with several graphic designers in Berlin and Melbourne, at the same time maintaining clients in Germany, Ireland, Australia, America, Canada and the UK. I have worked on a multitude of web and print based projects for a range of clients providing Web Content and Design. I have been a freelance writer and editor for four years writing on a number of platforms. I have traveled all over Europe and have written for many companies, both in America and Canada also. I have written B2B Content for many industries. I am extremely talented when it comes to researching what matters.

Industries I Write About



Real Estate

Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

Sales Coaching

I have written most articles for this very successful Internet Marketer. He's one of my favourite clients.


Enterprise e-commerce for high-volume brands

An enterprise ecommerce platform with superior reliability and advanced tools for running your whole business.


Do You Disagree With Your Partner Over Politics?

Although discussing politics can often be stressful, I have began to notice there are actually some positive benefits to political dialogue.



Web Content Manager/Owner

Ran my own business writing marketing content for successful online internet marketers, the business offered content in all fields of marketing and B2B. I only stopped running it due to getting better paid freelance work, which allows me to also do other things.

Company: Donna Reilly Content

I worked there from 1/2015 until 7/2017

SEO Content Writer

Freelance SEO Content writer, writing B2B Content for all industries.

Company: Scripted.com

I worked there from 4/2013 until now

Freelance Social Media Marketer/Affiliate Marketer

I have a huge online presence and have done a lot of freelance Social Media Work for top online marketers.

Company: Freelance companies such as UpWork

I worked there from 2/2014 until now

Freelance Web eCommerce Web Designer

Building successful eCommerce businesses up on Shopify and WooCommerce.

Company: Freelance platforms

I worked there from 3/2014 until now

Content I Write