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Green Tech, EdTech, SaaS B2B Content & Copy

About Me

Hi, I'm Katie! My educational background is in computers & technology, I'm passionate about sustainability, and I love learning (and writing, of course!) about fun and interesting things.  

I'm also a bit of a dork, a total nerd (I've been to San Diego Comic-Con more than once!), and I have a really cool dog. 

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My Writing Samples

The importance of Solar Over Louisville

Fundraiser-awareness piece for a local sustainability nonprofit, covering the importance of solar power for the region


Special Effects: Extracting Spectacular Vocabulary from Japanese Drama Series

Blog post about Japanese vocabulary for a language learning website. (Note: Some of the humor in this was added by the editors without my knowledge or approval. Not to say that it's bad, it's just not mine!)


Tired of Your Kitchen Backsplash? Time to Update!

Blog post about kitchen backsplashes for a mosaics company



Freelance writer

Freelance writer & editor for businesses & organizations. Mostly ghostwriting!

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I worked there from 8/2008 until now

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