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Ian Carey is a freelance writer and podcast host from Toronto, ON, Canada. His work has been featured on high-profile websites such as the Huffington Post, Now Magazine (online and print), Alternative Daily, Vox Media, and the Bleacher Report.

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My Writing Samples

The path to better mental health is a walk in the park

Nature therapy is an under-emphasized aspect of modern psychiatry, but new studies suggest even mild increases in exposure to trees can result in lower levels of depression


Preserving Snow Leopard Territory

My girlfriend and I occasionally exchange donations to each other’s favourite charities in lieu of something shiny that would temporarily boost our self-esteem. This year my partner’s donation on my behalf went to the Rainforest Trust in order to help create the Lumbasumba Conservation Area in Nepal. $10 USD conserves 1 acre.


6 Species That Make Humanity Look Primitive By Comparison

Is it possible that, when you add up a list of pros and cons for humans, we aren't the dominant species on the planet, and there are other animal species out there that both make humans look like hot garbage and that know that we look like said garbage?



Freelance Writer

I've written as a freelance writer for numerous high-profile websites and print publications including the Huffington Post, NOW Magazine, and many more.

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