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About Me

As a freelance writer and editor of over six years, I have come to truly appreciate the craft. I have served as the head editor for a successful PC gaming website, have ghostwritten on inc.com, and have had published work on Amazon as an editor (under my maiden name). I'm not all business though, as some of my favorite projects have been contributing to a science fiction novel, writing horoscopes, and covering news on the medical marijuana industry and commentary on political attitudes. When I'm not writing, I'm taking and self-developing analog photos (35 mm and 120 mm), teaching myself German (ja, ich kann Deutsche sprachen!), devouring books and films, and working on DIY and art projects around my house. I'm also the proud owner of six Siamese and Turkish Van kitties and two chickens! I have worked as a professional chef in the past, including a very long stint at Benihana, and love all things food and drink to this day.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

3 Ways to Get a DSLR in Your Pocket

"Listicle" on ways that cell phone photographers on Android can step up their game to look professional.


5 Creative Ways to Get More Social Shares

Tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their online presence.


Mastercard Unveils Biometric Credit Card

Technology and finance press release about MasterCard's new biometric card.


Goaty Perfection

Review of the PC game Goat Simulator.




Provide a variety of written and edited content for clients across the board.

Company: Mephistopholes' Manuscripts

I worked there from 7/2011 until now

Content I Write