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Professional Creative Copywriter

About Me

If experience is the best teacher, then I have had a diverse course load that has prepared me to communicate effectively with the target audiences of many different industries. I have always had a passion for creative writing, and I have expressed that passion in short stories, poems, blog posts, and articles. However, when I opened my own business a year and a half ago, I learned to add purpose to my creativity. 

Creativity, purpose, and the research skills I gained while pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering make me a versatile and effective writer. But it's my passion for the written word that truly sets me apart. I get a genuine joy from piecing together words to convey a clear thought, engender a certain emotion, and produce the desired response. 

The skills that I have honed throughout the years enabled me to start a company, employ workers, design a website, manage a team, and market a service with no previous business experience. I look forward to using the tenacity, patience, influence, and relatability I’ve learned to help build other brands and inspire new readers.

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Is Ice the Best Treatment for All Injuries?

A look at the effectiveness of ice in long-term healing.


Omegas are My Love Language

A plain text summary of the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in an adult diet.


How I Overcame Failure, Loss, and Unmet Expectations and Learned to Dream Again

A look back at the lessons I learned when deserting my Ivy League education to become a wife and freelance writer.


There's a Rodent in My House and 5 Other Signs My Family - and Probably Yours - Needs a Break

Lifestyle blog post encouraging busy families to take a break.


No Rodents, Babies, or Laundry Allowed

Direct email to inspire patrons to purchase office space at the Renovate Life facility.


To All My Business, Community, and Family Leaders

Secondary campaign email to motivate patrons to purchase office space at the Renovate Life facility.


Renovate Life, Life Center Homepage

Web copy highlighting Renovate Life USP: a peaceful, accepting environment.




Renovate Life, Life Center is a premier fitness studio and community center in Mobile, AL. It is my pleasure to lead our team, establish expectations, market our services, and provide direction to move our vision forward.

Company: Renovate Life, Life Center

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

Content I Write