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Helping Busy Creatives With Fresh & Engaging Content

About Me

WHAT I DO: I help busy companies and nonprofits keep up with today's endless need for fresh and engaging content by creating custom blog posts, website content, press releases, biographies, e-newspapers, and specialized social media campaigns. I can even do Wikipedia entries.

WHO I WORK WITH: Hey, I embrace all. If you have more work than you can handle or a special project that needs more time than you can give it, I'm happy to help. 

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? (OK, this is the part I hate. I'm my own least favorite subject.) Over the last 20 years, I've written about everything from history to recycling, virtual worlds to art, climate change to condo association newsletters. Aside from maths, there aren't too many subjects I haven't been able to grasp *relatively* quickly. But no matter what I'm writing about, my goal is the same: clear, concise copy that informs...and occasionally even delights. 

Industries I Write About


Science & Medicine

Law & Politics


My Writing Samples

MyIV.com: Anatomy of an IV

Geared for the layperson, this explainer gives an overview of the parts of an intravenous infusion set.


MyIV.com: Patient Spotlight

Profile of a young mother and her experience monitoring the IVs of her premature twin daughters.



Content Writer

See "About me" for details

Company: Heather K Michon

I worked there from 9/2012 until now

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