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Author | Freelance Writer + Editor

About Me

The nature of my previous and current experiences, both from educational, voluntary and work-based related means, has prepared me for roles in Article & Blog Writing, Editing & Proofreading, Creative Writing, and Web Content. Each experience has involved a great deal of self-motivation, time management, excellent writing and communication skills and the ability to work under pressure.

I have completed a Bachelor of Communications (Media) at Swinburne University of Technology, thus allowing me to gain further understanding of the media and communications industry. I have found this to be stimulating and exceptionally informative. Such areas of experience include: marketing, public relations, journalism, creative writing, advertising, politics, digital media, intercultural communications, screen studies, and franchising.

I am also a self-publishing author spanning across several genres including: memoir, romance, and fantasy, as well as run my own coaching website, Life Of A Storyteller, that is geared towards creating education content (articles, books, workbooks, courses) for novel writing, marketing, & publishing.

I am a fast and accurate writer, with a keen eye for communication and conveying the point of a story across to the audience. I am able to take on the responsibility of any position signed to me immediately and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it. 

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples


This is a page from my website, Life Of A Storyteller, covering various aspects and topics of writing a novel.


Publishing + Marketing

This is a page from my website, Life Of A Storyteller, covering various aspects and topics of publishing and marketing a novel.


Emotional Support Animal in Scottsdale

This is an article for one of my clients, CertaPets, providing in-depth information regarding emotional support animals in Scottsdale.



Freelancer + Coach

At Life Of A Storyteller, you will find in-depth blog posts about all aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing, as well as an awesome free resources library, e-books, workbooks, and courses.

Company: Life Of A Storyteller

I worked there from 4/2017 until now


Self-published author of the following: Unspoken Words. | Boy. Girl. You | The Novel Planning Blueprint | How to Write a Strong Novel: The 9 Key Pillars to Focus on | The Ultimate Worldbuilding Workbook

Company: S.J. Ridley

I worked there from 8/2015 until now

Freelance Content Writer

I worked as a freelance content writer for my local newspaper, covering a range of stories across my town.

Company: BDT

I worked there from 2/2010 until 12/2012

Radio Presenter

I was a radio presenter for a local radio station, with a coverage of local news and sporting events.

Company: 2BH

I worked there from 1/2010 until 11/2012

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