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Green Building Professional

About Me

• Masters in Sustainability Solutions (MSUS), Arizona State University.

• Interested in sustainable design, advanced materials, 3D printing, parametric design, BIM, energy modeling, and biomimicry.

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My Writing Samples

Why your company should look to bio-inspired architecture

More than ever, cities are in desperate need of buildings that not only are environmentally friendly, but also defend people and ecosystems from pollution.


How retailers can win over Millennials with ethical products

Brands can engage Millennials to pioneer new models and practices that can deliver economic growth while reducing negative impacts on the environment.


5 companies leading the charge on net zero building

As the WorldGBC prepares to roll-out its national net zero certification systems, and progressives such as California ready their citizens with Zero Net Energy Action Plans, organizations seem to be plotting their own energy-efficiency endeavors.


Building materials that tap into nature's elegant, and harmless, designs

How are we going to design buildings with harmless materials, both for our planet and the people occupying them? What can we use in our buildings to make sure their annual energy needs are kept to a bare minimum?


A discussion with Perkins+Will on mass timber

Wood is back on the menu. Recent innovations in wood manufacturing and engineering have led to the creation of “mass timber” products. Andrew Tsay Jacobs, Director of the Building Technology Lab at Perkins+Will, discusses the history of mass timber and how his company is currently using it.


Let there be (natural) light

Designed to look like normal commercial ceiling lights (unbeknownst to the average person), Solatube’s “Tubular Daylighting Devices” (TDD’s) are gradually becoming the norm for high-performance green buildings.


Workplace design: green spaces may improve vibe

Greenery, plants, gardens, and even a simple window-view of trees outside have all been found to mentally benefit humans. If incorporating plants and indoor gardens throughout the workplace is appropriate, why is it so rarely seen?


Building cities like forests: when biomimicry meets urban design

Nature is holding sustainable solutions to numerous city design and development problems we are currently facing—we just have to look deeper to see where the solutions are already being applied in the natural world.



Associate Project Manager

Worked on a variety of LEED projects for high profile clients including Jones Lang LaSalle, Cal-CityConstruction, and the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). Coordinated with energy modeler and completed LEED EAp2 credit for large creative office space project. Managed internal marketing efforts, including curation of content for website and social media pages, blogarticles, SEO, and media relations. Managed all Net Zero 2017 Conference initiatives.

Company: Verdical Group

I worked there from 8/2016 until 7/2017


Contributed green building and sustainability related articles to this well known media outlet created by Joel Makower. Since 1991, GreenBiz has chronicled and been a catalyst for thought leadership in aligning environmental responsibility with profitable business practices.

Company: GreenBiz

I worked there from 8/2015 until 3/2017

Creator / Writer

Created online sustainability, design, and music blog in December 2013. Over the course of three years, I managed various contributors’ articles for publication on blog and authored multiple articles covering sustainability and biomimicry that gained +200 social media shares.

Company: The Modern Ape

I worked there from 12/2013 until 8/2016

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