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Social Media Management and Marketing

About Me

Keeping you first in your customer's and prospects minds. My experience covers a wide range of industries and topics and allows me to speak to industry professionals and their customers alike. 

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My Writing Samples

Will Bitcoin Pay Off?

Internet-generated fads and new technology seem endless ... . Currently standing at the crossroads of global financial legitimacy or Internet curiosity is Bitcoin, a digital, stateless, universal “cryptocurrency.” Despite growing acceptance, bitcoin is still little understood. Born in 2009, there is bitcoin the currency and Bitcoin the worldwide cryptographic software platform that secures its movement. There have been disconcerting swings in bitcoin valuation on currency exchanges.


Amazon celebrates 15 years in Lexington

Amazon has more than eleven operation sites in Kentucky with more than 12,000 employees, and now has around 1,000,000 square feet of space in Lexington and is inching to 2,000 employees there. A fifteen-year celebration of their operations in Kentucky highlighted outstanding employees and the promise the company brings for the future.


Licensed to sell: Breeders’ Cup brings licensing opportunities

When Lexington, Kentucky, recently hosted The Breeder's Cup horse race – often called "the richest event in racing" – local vendors raced to gain event licensing rights to sell race-branded merchandise. This article profiles the hurdles one local business had to jump to get out of the gate and make sales.


Can Industrial Hemp Make a Comeback?

Despite being quite usefull, beneficial, and in no way used for the same purpose as marijuana, hemp is struggling to become a mainstream crop. It faces a wide variety of roadblocks including international competition and some puzzling import/export regulations. This article lays out the landscape challenging those who seek to turn it into America's (and Kentucky's) next great cash crop.


Do Customers "Dwell" With You?

"Dwell time" refers to those often overlooked but highly valuable moments your customer spends considering your company. It's defined as the time a customer spends with you in the absence of buying or being assisted with a sale. It's when they're browsing, waiting to talk with someone or simply killing time because someone else is involved with you or your personnel." This article explains how important this time is, and ways to improve it.


List of Frank Goad articles for The Lane Report

The Lane Report is a regional business journal with readers in all fifty states and internationally. The URL leads you to a list of articles written for them. Topics I've covered include the environment, the EPA, the horse industry, banking, courtroom technology, automotive industry, endowments, and many other topics.


List of Frank Goad articles for Business Lexington

Business Lexington is a local and regional business journal. The URL leads you to a list of articles written for them. Topics I've covered include marketing, internet and IT security, business innovation, branding and positioning, and much more. I also created a series of forty-five weekly videos on a variety of topics, and interviews with business and community leadeers in Lexington, Kentucky.




You are probably using the web and social media in your business, but are you getting a good return on the time and money you invested in them? I help companies like yours increase your exposure, and get more people interested in your business. I've been involved in online communities for twenty-five years and know what it takes to get your name in front of customers, and in ways that make you a favorite choice.

Company: Frank Communications Lexington

I worked there from 2/2011 until now

Content contributor - articles and video

Regular contributor of business and technology articles for their magazine and website, and; Producer of weekly videos for their website, www.bizlex.com. For a full list of my articles, copy and paste this URL into a browser: http://smileypete.com/topics/Frank-Goad/

Company: Business Lexington

I worked there from 10/2007 until now

Content contributor

Regional business magazine with subscriptions in all fifty states. Have written articles on a variety of topics (link to complete list in Work Samples on this site), and created advertising formagazine's customers. Wide range of topics: From IT to banking to legal and justice.

Company: The Lane Report

I worked there from 3/2000 until now

Director of Marketing and Communication

Handled campus public relations, publications, events, seminars, fund raising campaign materials and a variety of other duties. Contributed to website content, created corporate identity standards, assisted departments and organizations with publicity and marketing, and other tasks.

Company: Asbury University

I worked there from 10/2007 until 12/2010

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