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Accomplished Wordsmith | Content Creation Specialist | Marketing Consultant

About Me

Wordsmithing is another way of saying:
Words = My thing!
Wordsmithing = Words Mi Thing

I'm the "Girl Friday," if you will, of marketing. I'm a "Jill of All Trades" and vocabulary virtuoso. Back in the day, I had an engineering scholarship that I gave up -- instead, I sought the path of a wordsmith. And, I've been sauntering down this lane ever since.

As a result, I've gained immeasurable knowledge about clients' businesses, hopes, dreams and life experiences. I've helped them gain faith in themselves through marketing assets many of them didn't even know they possessed. I've represented organizations I believe passionately about and have had the opportunity to deliver their messages around the world. (Honestly, I've been inspired by many of them!)

That's the dreamy part of what I do.

Here's the professional "skinny" on my skills: Well-developed time management skills, advanced multi-tasking abilities, the personal drive to work well independently and the natural inclination to thrive in rapidly changing environments with tight deadlines have led me to success as a marketing professional and writer. My education, professional experience and proven communication skills make me a specialist at what I do. I'm adaptable and constantly learning, always trying to improve my skills and gain new ones.

Specialties: Journalism, web content, marketing, e-commerce, communications, public relations, community relations, writing, editing, content development, content creation, content strategy

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Freelance Writer, Editor and Marketing Consultant

I help clients develop and market their brands through the creation of content peripherals, including blog posts, social media posts/campaigns and strategic leverage of media channels. Client engagement and interviews are integral elements of identifying the most effective means of accomplishing marketing goals. From speeches to radio ads to fresh web content to the latest digital marketing techniques, my efforts enable clients to establish consistent communications that deliver brand awareness, recognition and preference.

Company: Wright Wordsmithing

I worked there from 6/2006 until now

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