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About Me

I am a journalist and blogger who moved to Massachusetts from London in 2009. I  have written local news for AOL, video gaming for Bostinno, and was a Senior Tech Writer at Boston-based Brafton Media. For the last two years or more, I was one of the writers on ARC, an online tech magazine that focused on the apps economy and, increasingly, digital experiences and brand transformation.

My published work has (for the most part) been tech-centric including but not limited to the apps economy, mobile, virtual and augmented reality, voice-user interfaces, the Internet of Things and the digital world. Every now and again, I get to pontificate about political science, music, popular culture and sports.

If I could choose a dream job, it would be writing for Rolling Stone ... 

Industries I Write About




My Writing Samples


In August 2017, the tech magazine - ARC -that I had been working on for over two years was revamped as the Applause Blog by its publisher, digital experience tester Applause. .This is a link to some of the work that was ported over to the new asset before I left the company



I was an Independent Contractor for VR-focused market intelligence company Greenlight Insights. My duties as Senior Writer involved writing content for this channel, as well as its main blog. In addition, I also copy edited any articles written by their analysts.


Brafton Media

I do freelance work ( no byline) for the above content marketing company. I am basically a pen-for-hire and am usually brought in by the VP of Content to fill in when staff writers are either backlogged or on vacation. The attached sample is just an example of the kind of content that I provide.



In 2010 my love and interest in gamer culture and the gamification of society gave me the chance to write about video games on a regular basis for what was then a fledgling Bostinnovation. I wrote 51 posts for the news source and used the experience to make contacts with the gaming industry in Boston, many of whom I still have today.



Although I have a significant amount of experience in content marketing, I am first and foremost a journalist. The body of work that I amassed while writing for Patch (an independent news platform, formally owned by AOL) can be found here. Focus was on both local news and businesses.



Senior Writer

Independent contractor for San Francisco-based market intelligence firm. Focus is virtual and augmented reality, with responsibility for writing and editing articles that detail trends and innovations in the VR/AR industry

Company: Greenlight Insights

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

News and Content Writer (Freelance)

Responsible for writing tech industry-specific content on a variety of Brafton-assigned clients.

Company: Brafton Media

I worked there from 9/2017 until 1/2018


Full-time contributor to in-house digital magazine ARC from Applause. Responsible for daily tech and app economy-related news content. Output included writing long and short-form articles or features, interviews and social media for ARC.

Company: Applause

I worked there from 5/2015 until 8/2017

Senior Writer (Full Time)

News and content writer on Industry and Tech desk. Responsible for daily news content for client websites, white papers, press releases, landing pages, peer review, writer training and copy editing.

Company: Brafton Media

I worked there from 5/2012 until 7/2014

Independent Correspondent

Delivered business-orientated content for a variety of digital and physical news sources in both USA and UK. Publications included Snack Media (UK), Bostinnovation (USA), Patch.com (USA), DKD New Media (USA), Magazine World (UK) and Border Life (UK).

Company: Various

I worked there from 1/2006 until 5/2012

Languages I Write In

Content I Write


Fantastic Content Creator

I worked with Dave at Applause where he was able to create some absolutely amazing thought-leadership content and help turn "just another industry blog" into an actual destination resource. He really takes the time to dive into the subject matter to understand the technical workings and bring it back up to the surface as an entertaining and engaging post. I highly recommend Dave's writing.

Matt Solar, nDash.co