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Seasoned Freelance Technology Writer

About Me

Steven is a seasoned freelance technology writer with a leading industry voice. He has covered IT issues for over 2 decades and written more than 5000 articles. Publications include: Techrepublic, Tech Target, Datamation, DatabaseJournal, Pluralsight, DevX, CIOupdate and many others. He can be reached by email at pingsteven@gmail.com.

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Follow this SaaS vendor checklist to find the right provider

Before you ditch your legacy IT system, vet its potential cloud replacements with these SaaS SLA and RFP questions. Dig into compliance, performance, support and more.


5 Great Blogs for DevOps

If you are a DevOps professional looking to get more involved or further your learning, or just looking for some entertaining, insightful content, we wanted to put together a list of 5 great blogs for DevOps. And, we know we missed some, so feel free comment and share what other blogs should be on here!


Columnist: Crypto Coach

Despite record-breaking temperatures throughout the US, UK, and Europe this summer, the crypto world is in the midst of a deep freeze. The Crypto Coach provides suggestions on how you and your coins can stay warm this (crypto) winter.


The VMware Workstation Handbook

Published Author of VMware Workstation Handbook


Adopting New Tech -- Conservative or Aggressive?

Columnist Steven Warren says you need to figure out what kind of company you work for -- visionaries, early adopters, average adopters or conservatives. Once that's clear, you'll be prepared to deal with emerging technologies.


Encrypt Data or Invite Disaster

Just as your organization should have a disaster recovery plan, it's crucial to have a data encryption plan.


The Future of Computing: the Flash Key

At some point we’ll be logging on to the Internet to access our operating system, argues a personal computing expert.


The Podcasting Revolution

Soon your organization may be podcasting quarterly reports, training sessions and other business-related activities.



Freelance Writer

Freelance writer covering a wide array of topics such as cloud, virtualization, Windows and open Source

Company: Techrepublic

I worked there from 1/1997 until now

Freelance Writer

Freelance writer for Devx.

Company: Devx

I worked there from 1/2010 until now


Cloud blogger

Company: Datamation

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

Crypto Coach


Company: ZDNET

I worked there from 3/2022 until now

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