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Copywriter / Marketing Analyst

About Me

Is your industrial, manufacturing, or logistics business struggling to keep up within the current content marketing climate? More and more manufacturing and industrial businesses are using the power of content as the backbone of their marketing strategy.

Trying to keep up with content creation to keep your business ahead of your competition can be challenging. I spent the first part of my working life in the blue-collar industrial manufacturing world. So, I know this area well. I understand the pain you go through and can write copy to help you connect with your ideal customer through writing.

Every job I do seems to require a little different approach. This is another area I can help. Since I've lived in your manufacturing or industrial world, I can help you figure out your ideal content strategy as well as write the content you need.

Some businesses respond better to email list building and email newsletter curation.

On the other hand, social media is the hottest topic lately, and the key to social media success is understanding and connecting with the customer and the context of any previous conversations they’ve had with your company.

If you are not sure what you need to energize your marketing, I can you figure that out.
Everything from:
White Papers
Web Pages
Articles for publication
Email marketing campaigns
News articles
And even blog posting and content for marketing

I'm also open to any creative side projects outside the manufacturing and industrial business realm. The great thing about side projects is you get to learn at least a little bit about a lot of different subjects. And, crossing platforms helps me see different angles to take on everyone's project to help them stand out from their competition.

I look forward to hearing about your project and connecting with you on Linkedin.

Thank you for your time and be well,


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My Writing Samples

Five Things Businesses Do Wrong with their Online Marketing

A blog post I wrote about what many businesses are doing wrong with their online marketing. These are just five glaring problems I see many companies are doing with their online marketing. Curing these usually improves customer acquisition almost instantly.


A Restaurant Email Campaign to Build an Audience

These are some emails I wrote to resurrect an email list which had been dormant for a couple years. It takes some time to build momentum, but after a little time, we were seeing better than a sixty percent open rate and more than doubled restaurant traffic on advertised days of the week.


Email to Revive the List

I wrote this email on spec for a company selling high end presentation software to schools.


Flyer Copy for a New Natural Cleaner

After dabbling with creating an all natural cleaner, I created a flyer to promote the product. The cleaner never took off, too many problems with production and price point, but the flyer developed quite a bit of interest.


Hales Corners Reunion Press Release

I did a press release for an automobile race. Instead of doing the normal big hype promotion, I decided to lay out the reasons why people would want to attend.


Nexify Spec Ad

I did a spec ad for a CPA wanting to not only build his client list, but also wanted to reposition himself as a different type of CPA. After watching some interviews with the CPA I came up with a powerful hook.




Freelance copywriting and marketing consultancy with a concentration on your ideal customer to bring the best ROI to the content written. Here is where I honed my skills for effective sales driving writing and marketing understanding. Effective writing is primarily understanding the audience mindset and being able to move them in a certain direction where you want them to go, do, or understand about a particular company. My website at http://kevinkatzenberg.com has examples of this and my work.

Company: Hogan Technologies LLC

I worked there from 3/2008 until now

Freelance Writer

Creating web content for supply chain and reverse supply chain companies.

Company: Fronetics

I worked there from 2/2019 until now

Racing Operations Manager

After my job in the industrial manufacturing world, I moved over to a position as a manager of racing operations. For the first fourteen years, I built and sold race cars, ordered parts, assisted customers with problems with their cars, and engineered many developments within our cars. I also managed racing operations for a family of cars which at its height totaled five different cars and drivers. I also wore the marketing and sales hat at the company; building websites.

Company: Suburban Visuals

I worked there from 10/2002 until 7/2018

Welder | Mechanic | Fabricator | Installer

This is where I got my hands dirty in the industrial and manufacturing world. I became a certified welder near the end of my stay at Mooney's. I assembled hydraulic and electrical systems to operate cranes and cement mixers, assembled cranes and mixers, fabricated various parts for the assembly and handled various mechanical duties.

Company: Mooney's Repair Service

I worked there from 1/1994 until 9/2002

Shipping Receiving Clerk

This was my first education in the supply chain and warehousing world. I was a shipping and receiving clerk, assisted with inventory control, and helped create more fluid systems for order filling and packaging.

Company: Aerial Company

I worked there from 8/1990 until 1/1994

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