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- Bilingual Freelance Writer, w/ SEO knowledge. Experienced in Digital Marketing.

About Me

Hi! I'm a bilingual freelance writer from Portugal, with a background in Clinical Psychology and Digital Marketing.

I write articles, email newsletters & social media posts on:

Knowledgeable in S.E.O. - some of my articles are ranking on Google's #1 position for related keywords ("best storytelling festivals" & "storytelling to get clients"). 

I love digging deep into topics & searching for stats, academic studies as well as concrete examples to back up my writing. 

Tech-savvy, resourceful & a great proofreader. I will research, outline, write, proofread & upload my texts into your CMS, social media scheduling tool or email service provider. I know how to use Wordpress, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Buffer, SmarterQueue, Slack, Photoshop, etc.

Fun facts about me? I am learning to play the Ukulele alongside my 7-year-old kid (I guess "trying to" would be more accurate!); I have misophonia (extreme sensitivity to some sounds)... and, last but not least, I can wip out an entire can of condensed milk and a bag of Twix bars in a single day!


I'm excited to hear about your projects! Feel free to reach out if you like my writing style! 

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My Writing Samples

Article - «10 Storytelling festivals you must attend in 2016»

An article featuring many storytelling festivals around the World. It's currently ranking on Google's #1 position for the keyword "best storytelling festivals".


Article - "How to use Storytelling to get clients for your business"

This was one of the several articles on Digital Marketing, Blogging and Storytelling that I've written for Brandanew. It's currently ranking on Google's #1 position for the keyword "storytelling to get clients".


Blog post - «7 things I wish someone had told me before I started learning to play the ukule»

I wrote this post based on my Ukulele learning experience. I also wrote other posts for this client (currently on the same blog): «How to tune a Ukulele», «How to take care of your Ukulele», «If you’re tired of offering the same old boring presents, try gifting someone a Ukulele!», «How I’m teaching my son to play the ukulele» and «How learning to play the Ukulele is the very best thing you can do to improve your well-being!»


Facebook post - «Are you aware of your gifts?»

This was one of the series of Facebook posts on Personal Development that I've written for Soulpreneurs Academy. This particular post received 67 likes and was shared 25 times.


Email newsletter - «A cool language learning game, Yousician, an exotic Butter Chicken recipe...»

One of the series of email newsletters that I'm creating for Bullets for Mom (newsletter for moms). It's a personal project, currently on hiatus due to rebranding.


Article - «Three fun and useful running apps»

One of the several articles that I've written for World's Marathons. This article is ranking on Google's #6 position for the keyword "useful running apps".


Instagram post - «Bring your personality into your business!»

This was one of the series of Instagram & Facebook posts that I've written for the Health Coaches Community. Each post offered Marketing & Business advice for Health Coaches.


Article - «Top 5 DIY content marketing tools & resources that you need now!»

One of the series of articles that I've written for Brandanew.


Blog post - «How I'm teaching my son to play ukulele»

A blog post based on my Ukulele learning journey.


Instagram post - «Heel, midfoot or forefoot strike?»

One of the several Instagram posts that I've created for World's Marathons. This particular post received 383 likes. Some posts included research-backed tips for runners, while others featured several Marathons and countries around the World.



Digital Marketing Consultant & Marketing Virtual Assistant

For the past few years I've been working as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Virtual Assistant, helping several entrepreneurs & freelancers to succeed at their online businesses. I create custom Digital Marketing plans, specific to my clients' businesses, where I provide suggestions regarding Web Design, Email Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, basic SEO, PR, etc. As a Virtual Assistant I've been helping my clients by managing their social media, writing articles,etc...

Company: Freelancer

I worked there from 5/2015 until now

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