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Professional Medical Writer and a Researcher

About Me

With a rich 7 years’ experience in medical sciences, I am currently pursuing a specialization as a Neuro-physician from the Fellowship of College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan. My academic track record includes securing first position in college during my intermediate exams, followed by a gold medal in Pathology in MBBS. I have aced prestigious national and international examinations like MCAT, NTS, Public Service Commission Test and PLAB (UK). My research based experience has helped me in literature writing and I have successfully published both my research works in the Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College (JRMC). 

I am a dependable and dedicated writer and have a history of managing high volumes of blog loads per day. My ability to work diligently, meet deadlines and go the extra mile, together with my penchant for detail, has always ensured that content always feels enlivened and it touches their heartstring and intellect.

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My Writing Samples

Antibiotic resistance- Why Is It Making Headlines?

Do you ever notice that there are some drugs that simply refuse to affect you when you are sick? That is simply because you have probably developed a resistance to these antibiotics.What is this antibiotic resistance, why is it being discussed too much these days? It is a condition in which a drug is unable to control the bacterial growth and infection in a body. This occurs because bacteria evolve and genetically mutate to form certain strains that refuse to get affected by these antibiotics...


Palliative care

Teamwork has always been a requisite for providing palliative services by all health providers. It utilizes a number of approaches for the medical and psychological comfort of a patient. As studied by Kellehear (2001), it is something more inclined towards medical ethics than common medical practice. Palliative team encompasses doctors, nurses, social workers, allied health service providers, volunteers and some other therapists and technicians....


Everything You Need to Know About Yoga

Yoga is one of the six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy. Many centuries ago the sage Patanjali wrote ‘The Yoga Sutras’ consisting of 185 short teaching aphorisms. In this work he collated, co-ordinated and systematised the teaching of Yoga into eight stages with asanas being the third stage. The ultimate path of Yoga takes one to the eighth stage of Samadhi, a state of super-consciousness through meditation in which the aspirant becomes one with the object of his meditation...


Prolonged Sitting IS Terrifying!

“Wanna take a sit break?” said no desk-bound employee, ever. Most of corporate America is already sitting for eight to 10 hours daily, so instead, we “stretch our legs,” “step out for air,” or “take a walk around the block.” Basically, we do anything we can to get the blood moving because, well, sitting all day leaves us feeling lethargic and just plain crappy. Which makes a lot of sense considering being glued to a chair is slowly, but surely, killing us and making us sick and fat....


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