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SEO content writer, travel and arts and culture writer

About Me

I am a writer who loves to focus on both facts and description in my work. My favorite writing pieces are those that combine aspects  of culture, travel, causes and research. I have written on a wide range of subjects as a content writer though, and I am proficient in SEO writing and researching. I hold an MA in Archaeology, so scientific, factual writing appeals to me too. As a seasoned and qualified English teacher I have a great grasp of grammar, punctuation, tone, and voice in writing to make any article fit perfectly with the content being written 

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

The Intersection of Art and Activism for Social Change

This is one of my pieces for the magazine. I looked at how political movements have influenced art, and the other way around.


Electric Eclectic: Turning different parts of your home into an eclectic decor wonderland

This is a post about easy ways to create an eclectic look in different parts of your home, from bathrooms to stairways.

https://www.homify.co.uk/ professionals/4539241/claire- victoria-turner/ideabooks


Content Writer

I wrote as a ghostwriter on numerous subjects from demolition to luxury travel goods, travel and medical articles, economics and cryptocurrencies, as well as nutrition, exercise and even real estate.

Company: Greenlight Articles

I worked there from 8/2015 until now

Art Blog Writer

I pitch and write on topics about art, making it relevant to the pubic and giving them a way to understand all kinds of art, from visual to performance art, "high" art and street art. I research all the topics and produce original insights into art in our world.

Company: ArtPUBLIKAmagazine

I worked there from 10/2017 until now

Neighborhood Guide Writer

I have only just started as a writer who approaches hotels, and writes 8-10 articles on the best activities and sites in the vicinity of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in cities. I have landed my first hotel and interview the staff next week.

Company: Arrivedo.com

I worked there from 12/2016 until now

Blog and Idea Book Writer

I write articles on interior design and architecture. Often this takes some research and is a combination of the understanding of design elements and research. I aim to inspire readers to create the best home their budget allows.

Company: Homify.co.za

I worked there from 12/2017 until now

Academic Writer and Researcher

I edit and write articles for US universities on a range of topics. I focus mostly on nursing, psychology, humanities, and the liberal arts.

Company: Livingston Research

I worked there from 10/2017 until now

Content I Write