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B2B Content Marketing Strategist

About Me

I am a versatile writer and content marketing strategist, dedicated to helping businesses engage their audience by providing interesting and well-converting web content.

With extensive experience writing for companies in IoT, cloud computing, SaaS, cybersecurity, blockchain and the Fintech industry, I help businesses address the challenges inherent in marketing to the new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

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My Writing Samples

The Advantages of Moving to SharePoint Online

For organizations already running SharePoint On-Premises, migrating to its cloud version may be somewhat easier, but for first-timers, it could entail a ton of pitfalls, headaches and things to consider that will keep you up at night staring at the ceiling. Before making the move to SharePoint Online, let’s take a break to understand what the cloud version of SharePoint is all about, its pros, cons and most importantly, whether it’s the right choice for you.


How to Simplify Enterprise Data Storage Challenges

The rapid pace of data growth means more storage mechanisms – and invariably, more headaches. From the management of storage sprawl to finding scalable storage solutions, data center administrators have their work cut out for them.


Is IoT Sacrificing or Saving our Environment?

With the full possibilities of the IoT yet to be explored, even professionals are divided on the issue of whether progress in the IoT industry will result in salvation or disaster for our environment.


Will Tesla Revolutionize The Trucking Industry?

In recent times, technological innovations have made a tremendous impact on all industries and revolutionized the way business processes have been carried out…and the trucking industry is no exception. Electronics, digital devices, and global positioning systems have improved communications and changed the way trucking companies operate while computers have taken over the organization and supervision of loading and routing activities to minimize the rate of empty movement.


Predictions for a UK 2018 Retail Landscape

For the UK retail industry, 2018 will find retailers coming up with various strategies to transform and improve their in-store relationship with customers. Retail has gone past the point of simply providing products and services to customers. To succeed in the over-crowded retail market (with shops, malls, and grocery store on virtually every street corner), retailers must fight to become the top destination for customers.


Fail often and fast - lesson for retailers and brands?

Inspired by the rousing keynote speech delivered by Didac Lee at the 2017 Cranfield University Venture Day, this article offers practical concepts to brands and retailers on how to use the “Fail often and fast” methodology to grow and stay ahead of the competition.



B2B Tech Copywriter

Helped clients engage their audience by providing interesting and well-converting web content. Services include writing web content, landing pages, SEO articles, press releases, how-to articles, and whitepapers on verticals ranging from AI, machine learning, and deep neural networks to SaaS, cybersecurity, cloud services and the latest trends in the tech industry.

Company: Silver Creations

I worked there from 9/2016 until now

Technical Writer

Handled the creation of content and brand support materials for client companies embarking on inbound marketing campaigns. Also collaborated with marketing & operations department to strengthen content in technical proposals, company manuals, employee forms, and contract deliverables.

Company: Epsilon Communications

I worked there from 6/2015 until 8/2016

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