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Quality, Business & Proposal Development

About Me

Ed Gardner, President, Value Management Services, LLC (VMS), a certified veteran-owned small business, has in excess of fifteen (15) years of dedicated technical and managerial support to improve client performance. Ed's background is with VMS as well as Orion Registrar, Inc., Lockheed Martin, Loral Space Systems, and IBM. The following identifies some of Ed’s qualifications & transferable skills: Consulting, Quality Management, Project Management, Proposal/Contract Management, Technical Writing/Training, Staff Training/Development, Metrics Development/Monitoring, Business Analysis Management, Organizational Improvement Advocate, Organizational Assessor/Auditor, ISO 2001:2015, and the development of an effective/agreed-upon a project life cycle methodology supported with optimal client deliveries. As a third-party ISO assessor, some of Ed's clients have included: Lockheed Martin (NASA installations at Marshall SFC, Langley SFC, and Houston SFC); Best Crossmark; Tyndall AFB, Regal Marine Industries, Honeywell, Avaya, Inc.; Del-Jen, Inc.; and Marine Corps' Blount Island Command. Ed focused on compliance, performance, metrics, efficiencies, controls, client satisfaction. Ed is most receptive to travel and adjusting to client project requirements. Ed is a proven and most successful generalist and very adaptable to many industry disciplines. Ed focuses on improving the client's performance and fulfilling project requirements with cost-centered solution(s). Ed graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland (USA) with a BS degree in business management and a mathematics minor. Ed had the following certifications: Certified ISO Lead Assessor and Certified Software Quality Engineer. It is Ed's intention to be most cooperative and understanding in fulfilling the client's needs and objectives.

Note:  See my LinkedIn profile for additional information:   https://www.linkedIn.com/in/edgardner/

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My Writing Samples

ISO 9001:2015 Orientation

Staff. Please contact me for a large array of work samples. The samples are ready for distribution.



Proposal Developer / Technical Writer

A TECHNICAL WRITING/PROPOSAL MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE PERSPECTIVE: (A Comprehensive Review) • The variance of Ed’s technical writing and proposal development, focusing on many disciplines, is broad and has been with proposals (meeting federal/state/county/other requirements) through solicitations, e.g., RFQ, RFP, RFI, and completion of supporting documentation for internal operations and prime contractors (if applicable), and coordinating efforts with subcontractors as necessary. • Ed will aid the individuals or organizations with consulting assistance based upon the excellent employment history, education, and other factors. • Ed has a great deal of experience with proposals as well as being a contract manager for a large-variety of disciplines. Ed focuses on writing compelling business, development of proposal templates, scheduling of meetings, e.g., red/pink/blue reviews • A sample of the technical documents initiated have included quality manuals; technical specifications; standard operating procedures; organizational policies, SOWs, and in line with many disciplines, e.g., manufacturing; procurement, software engineering; law/regulatory applications; logistics; health care, aerospace, and many other areas. I have developed many SOWs, supplier agreements, and contractor/partnership agreements to levy the requirements, constraints, schedules, and other enforceable tasks on external providers. • Ed also supported subject matter experts, e.g., technical, marketing and sales to create creative/market-friendly proposal content, SOWs, and other supporting business and technical materials aligned with client/customer/subcontractor/prime contractor requirements. • Ed has won contracts where he led proposal initiatives with Value Management Services, LLC as well as with local clients that solicited Ed’s assistance for proposal/contract opportunities. Overall, contract opportunities/wins have exceeded 1 million dollars over the past couple of years.

Company: "Across Companies Identified in Profile"

I worked there from 5/1995 until now

Quality & Business Consulting

• Within VMS, initiated company registrations within the US Federal Government, the state of Florida, many southeastern states, to seek solicitations of interest that result in proposals and subsequent contracts. Partnerships, consultants, and subcontractors are at the forefront of this effort. • Provides high-quality services to companies interested in developing and maintaining a quality-based organization, improve organizational performance, initiated evaluations for candidate improvements, and becoming a team member where our quality engineering practices can augment / supplement the client's objectives. • Assisted companies with their technical writing and proposals to facilitate their gain of contracts and other business opportunities. Won in excess of $1M in contracts within short time period. • Within CY2016, VMS has won two separate multi-year contracts within the State of North Carolina and a consulting contract with Miami-Dade County. Each opportunity has a different technical, management, and accounting structure. • Contracted with ValsaTech part-time to coordinate proposals, initiate proposal templates, coordinate meetings with subcontractors (as necessary), ensure RFP requirements are met, and facilitate delivery of proposals, including any supporting documents with the client, e.g., federal, state, county, and commercial businesses • Provided the organizational structure to gain contracts/opportunities through a variety of sources, including companies, federal agencies, professional organizations, and specific partnership agreements. • Provided companies and independent professional organizations with several educational opportunities and development activities (for example): ISO Orientation; ISO Internal Quality Auditing; Developing Quality Documentation; Defect Prevention; Quantitative Management for Organizations; and Other.

Company: Value Management Services, LLC

I worked there from 7/2012 until now

Proposal / Quality Manager

• Provides routine quality/program management support with SSDC with his independent program/ quality management expertise, proposal technical writing with varied solicitations, e.g., federal, state government, and coordinated vendor contracts. • Provides recurring oversight and initiated improvements within the following disciplines: software engineering, aerospace, retail, financial, health care, environment, transportation, operations, logistics, construction, and other. • As QM, Ed initiated

Company: Sand Springs Development Corporation

I worked there from 7/2012 until 7/2015

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