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Business Development Manager at ReserveTech

About Me

I'm a professional SEO content developer with over ten years in this field. I will deliver top quality, well-researched, informative, engaging, and credible content that will build your personal and business brand around keywords that are positive to your industry. This content will also be useful and educational, adding to the value of your readers. I’ve gone through your requirements and I believe my input will be an added advantage to your customer acquisition and retention strategy. By understanding your target audience's psychology, I can create intentional and authentic content that attracts and engages them on a more emotional level, generating leads, and ultimately converting prospects into customers. 

You have a story, let's tell it together.

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5 Principal Advantages Of Choosing Furnished Apartments

You need to consider lots of things when choosing to move. These are things such as location, amenities, cost etc. Another important factor to consider is whether you want a furnished apartment or one that hasn’t been furnished. This will help you plan better and give you an exact estimate on how much you’ll be spending when moving. Good news is that many properties now offer furnished apartments which can be great for you especially if you’re a first-time renter. Why choose furnished apartments


5 Different Locksmith Services Offered By Professionals

5 Different Locksmith Services Offered By Professionals Safety is very important in all aspects of life be it at home, office, car name them. This is why locks and other electronic security systems were invented to address the issue of personal property and other valuables. Locks go a way back and locksmiths have played a very vital role in our lives since time immemorial. Without locksmith services, cases of theft, burglary, and other crimes would have been overwhelming. Below are some of the



Business Development Manager

Business Developement Manager highly specialized in Lead-generation and client handling.

Company: http://www.reservetechinc.com/

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Independent Contractor

Company: REMOTE

I worked there from 2/2010 until now


Oversee all operations as well as following up on clients requirements as well as responses.

Company: Superwriters Associations

I worked there from 2/2012 until now

Freelance Academic/Article Writer

Create original and high quality content for my clients.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from /2006 until now

Operations Manager

Operations manager at Super Writers Association where I ensure that the needs of my clients are fully and professionally met.

Company: Super Writers Association

I worked there from 1/2006 until now

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