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B2B Small Business & Professional Service Copywriter.

About Me

I'm a B2B copywriter who specializes in writing marketing copy and content for small businesses and professional service firms.  I write articles, blog posts, emails, case studies, white papers and other marketing communications that influences your target market.  

I’m also an AWAI Verified™ copywriter. What does that mean to you? It means that you get a copywriter who has received training from one of the top copywriting training programs in the country. This certification shows that I know the concepts for writing sales generating copy. If you need B2B copy that helps you generate high-quality leads and increases sales contact me at (317) 625-8505 or at ksmiley@ksmileycopywriter.com.

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6 Ways You Can Repurpose Case Studies To Generate More Leads

Case studies are great for repurposing because the content comes from satisfied customers. It shows how your product or service helped them solve a problem. Here's how you can reuse them in other content pieces.


10 Tips For Creating Compelling White Papers That Generate Leads

Many B2B companies use white papers to generate leads. That's because they're still an effective tool for moving prospects through the sales funnel. According to an eMarketer survey of Bm2B marketers, white papers are the best marketing tactic for generating quality leads.


How To Implement A Successful Lead Nurturing Campaign

Most of your leads are not ready to buy when you first contact them. That’s why it’s very important to have an ongoing communication process with your potential buyer throughout the sales cycle. This, of course, is known as lead nurturing.




I'm a business-to-business copywriter who focuses on writing lead generation marketing materials for small businesses and professional service firms. The services I provide include, direct mail, email marketing copy, landing pages, online video scripts, and content marketing projects like website copy, case studies, white papers, and more!

Company: Keith Smiley, B2B Copywriter

I worked there from 11/2009 until now

Operations Manager

I'm responsible for the day-to day operations of the radio station which includes making sure that all taped programs are ready to be aired. This includes making sure that programs record off satellite, downloading programs from the internet, extracting audio from a CD on to a PC and uploading them to our automation system, or recording a cassette straight in to the computer automation system. Other duties I perform include writing, producing, voicing, and dubbing station promos, station liners, and public service announcements.

Company: WBRI Radio

I worked there from 7/2003 until now

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