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De'bora, an accountant by profession is also a small business consultant and a writer. She works with for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. As a writer, she writes about her core areas of specialty: accounting and finance, entrepreneurship, start-ups and preparing business plans. As a ghostwriter, she writes for companies who often require broader topics.

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The CPA Exam-A Thorough Z Guide Containing Exam Content and the Best Way to Prepare for and Pass ...

This guide will also show you some tips and tricks by others who have passed the exam and their stories, including, what to do the day before the exam, how to significantly reduce your exam study time and some of the best review techniques available.


Debt Vs Equity Financing: Which Is Best for Your Business Venture and Important Tips Before Approach

Each of the two primary types of financing (debt and equity) is available for a variety of different business ventures. Each comes with its own set of ramifications as well as advantages and disadvantages. Both debt vs equity financing is explained in more detail below. Debt Financing Debt financing is typically received from institutionalized organizations, such as banks and credit unions. They typically provide small business loans, lines of credit or issue credit cards. According to....


The 411 on 1099s: How to Handle Independent Contractors During Tax Season

Does your business use the services of independent contractors (workers who are self-employed and offer their services to the general public)? If so, you should be familiar with the requirements for dealing with independent contractors for this year’s tax season.Because independent contractors have different tax implications than employees and require specific tax forms, it’s important to classify workers correctly. (There are many other reasons to classify workers correctly, including potential



Accountant / Small Business Consultant

Johnson's Bookkeeping & Accountancy Group is affiliated with Johnson's Mgmt & Consulting Group where both accounting and business planning & development-related services are provided.

Company: Johnson's Bookkeeping & Accountancy Group

I worked there from 1/2000 until now