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Business-minded, human-centric writer who creates brand stories that connect

About Me

MELINA GILLIES is a Certified HR Leader who helps businesses understand the critical link between organizational strategy and the people who bring those goals to fruition. With nearly 20-years' experience, she is a go-to for industry expertise and is regularly quoted in the media on all things HR. Her strong background in marketing and consumer campaigns also provides a solid footing for creating content that converts in any arena. She is an award-winning author, avid traveller, and enthusiastic freelancer, who, in the spirit of having fulfilling hobbies, has contributed to Cox Media, Family Handyman and Coldwell Banker, where she shares her love of DIY, real estate and home trends with style and panache. She also loves coffee...but not too much coffee (because, IBS...and anxiety).

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My Writing Samples

Residential Real Estate Landing Page

Landing Page Copy and Design for a guaranteed home-sale program


Landing Page Design and Copy

Landing page for a residential property management operating system.


The Fear Divide

Personal Essay for Eighteen Bridges Magazine on the generational impact of anxiety. Specifically, the intersection between anxiety disorders and motherhood.


Managers: Don't Ask For a Termination If You Haven't Done This First

It usually begins like this: A manager approaches HR with a file which details violations of (usually) one or two isolated policies and declares: "We have a problem with [insert name of employee here], it's time for them to go."


Employee Ghosting is Real...And Here's How to Fix It

HR Blog regarding the phenomenon of employee ghosting during the recruitment process.


The Real Reason New Employees Quit

Insight and solutions for common mistakes when integrating new employees to an organization


If This Is How You Handle Employee Performance, You're Doing it Wrong

So, the question begs: If employees hate them, managers don’t see their value and an organization isn’t benefiting from them—why not ditch them all together?


The One Recruitment Mistake Your Making...And How to Fix It

I’m speaking of course of the Halo effect—an effect so subtle, we may not even realize it’s taken hold—until we’ve made an expensive hiring mistake, that is.


20 Easy Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Any Home

Home Decor Slideshow.


5 Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal for the Fall Selling Season

Blog post for ColdwellBanker on the benefits of curb appeal in the fall selling season.


Top 5 Home Improvements That Pay Back When You Want to Sell

Blog post for Coldwell Banker


The Top Real Estate Markets for First-Time Homebuyers

Researching the top resale markets for first-time home buyers for Coldwell Banker


5 Cities with Low-Rent That are High on Fun

Coldwell Banker Blog


Iconic House Styles Across the Country and Where to Find Them

Coldwell Banker Blog


Why the Suburbs are Big Again

Coldwell Banker Blog


Buying a Home? Here's One Flaw You Should Never Ignore

Coldwell Banker Blog


2017 Real Estate Trends to Watch

Coldwell Banker Blog



Freelance Content Creator

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Company: Various

I worked there from 6/2013 until now

HR Specialist | Certified HR Leader

Certified HR Leader. Writes blogs about the human side of work

Company: SalesUp! Business Coaching

I worked there from 9/2013 until now

Freelance Blog Writer


Company: Coldwell Banker

I worked there from 11/2016 until 4/2018

Personal Essays

Personal essays relating to high-functioning anxiety

Company: xoJane | Eighteen Bridges

I worked there from / until now

Content I Write


Expert Well Rounded Writer that Gets Results!

Melina is a very talented writer. We give her extremely complicated projects and she distills them to what counts with ease. Her creativity and professionalism are unparalleled. 15/10 - will work with again.

Laura Black, Rent Bridge