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About Me

Colette Tozer lives in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, with her amazing husband, Rodney and spoiled Chiweenie, Nala. 

Colette has a passion for writing (and coffee) that has guided her all throughout her life. She loves all kinds of stories but has a strict persuasion towards hazelnut coffee. Both passions have fueled her fervent desire to flourish into the cornerstone of her career. 

When Colette is not writing, she reads, obsesses over (and rants about) her favorite television series, bakes tasty treats, and sings along (terribly) to her favorite songs.

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3 Exciting Tech Advancements Coming in 2018

The dawn of the millennium did not bring the end of the world, as many people feared, but it did crest an age of technological advancement that still seems slightly out of this world. As the second millennium reaches legal age, it is interesting to see how much this burst of technological advancement has grown in the past 18 years.These are three exciting tech advancements that will be available to the public in 2018...


Why Villains Don't Curse: A Psychological Look at the Literary Antagonists of American Culture

For an edgy writer, throwing in a curse here and there is a brilliant, albeit scapegoat tactic through which to garner and keep a reader’s attention; or weed out the feign of heart and attract only the intended audience.Either way, ironic as it may seem, the character who is generally speaking in such a foul manner is likely a protagonist; not a villain...


The Dirty Little Secret: Why Silence Makes Us Anxious

Imagine being home alone in your house. It’s dark and although you feel as though you are perfectly safe, there is a defining silence that rings throughout the empty rooms. At first, the nervousness that you feel growing, cultivating in the pit of your stomach is laughed off. You’re being silly...Right?


3 Top Email Marketing Platforms

In this digital age, the need for a business to keep a unique and compelling conversation going with their customers is more prevalent than ever. Not only do businesses need to have a strong email marketing strategy to have this conversation, they also need to be comfortable enough with that platform to trust it, almost implicitly, to handle and home their marketing needs...


5 Best Social Networking CMS Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three main social media platforms that guide most of the traffic from a wide audience. Yet, those media platforms have rules, agendas, and limitations that can be constricting to certain businesses, people, and viewpoints...Here are five of the best social networking CMS platforms available for use today.



Author/ Freelance Writer

Company: Colette Tozer

I worked there from 1/2018 until now


Writes Books for Publication. Handles Submissions, Publication, Social Media and Brand Development.

Company: Serial Writer Productions

I worked there from 9/2018 until now

Freelance Writer

Every word on the page is fluorescent through my eyes, with every syllable illuminated; having a meaning and a soul. When I write, I am not just merely typing words out on a page; I am living them, breathing them and experiencing them so that when my words are read, the experience lives on.

Company: Colette Tozer

I worked there from 12/2011 until now

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