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B2B Content Strategist and Journalist

About Me

Tech, business, and automotive journalist with more than 15 years experience

Clients remark on my clean copy, journalistic reporting, and compelling stories written with business goals in mind.

My client list includes the likes of: Cybereason, Goodyear Tire, Egress, ETQ, Peugeot, Aurora Labs, and Jaguar Land Rover. 

I've worked with business software firms, cybersecurity providers, marketing agencies, motorsport teams, construction firms, and more. I've had bylines in The Guardian, Metro, Confused.com, Forbes, Business Insider, and many more.

Industries I Write About





My Writing Samples

How To Use Data To Improve Your Brand's Storytelling

Your data can help you connect with your customers on a deeper level.


How Electricians Can Tap into the EV Market with Charge Point Installation

Thought leadership written for an e-mobility company based in Norway.


Panasonic Apprenticeship Program: Creating a More Sustainable Workforce

As the aviation industry moves toward a future filled with advanced technology and expanding global connections, a silent challenge looms on the horizon: a critical labor shortage of skilled mechanics and engineers. This shortage presents a challenge that could disrupt the entire sector.


Machine Learning Security for Chatbots

“In this digital age, customers like to choose how they get in touch with a business. For many, this involves picking up the phone or sending an email, but a growing number of customers prefer self-service methods, like chatbots, for quick answers to their questions. The benefits of chatbots are clear. Not only do your customers get the information they need quickly, but you’ll free up customer service staff so they can focus on handling the requests that need a human touch.”


Do People in Apartment Blocks Need EV Chargers?

Technical, data-led thought leadership on the use of electric vehicle chargers in apartment blocks.


Electric Vehicle Battery Market to Witness Significant Growth

News piece on growth of the electric vehicle battery market.


The importance of supplier visibility in the EV market

A deep dive into automotive supply chains for QMS platform ETQ.


Three Key Things Needed to Scale a SaaS Company

A ghost-written thought leadership piece created for a client.


Panasonic Avionics: The Digitalization of the In-Flight Experience

A ghostwritten piece for Panasonic's airline business looking at content, connectivity, and revenue. "Digital transformation was once all about replacing manual processes with digital ones—something that has had a huge impact on the airline industry."


Human layer security: The last line of defence against phishing

A piece on human-layer security for cybersecurity company Egress.


Will the COVID-19 pandemic accelerate automotive disruption

"The automotive industry is nodding towards a similar kind of transformation, even if it’s not on quite as large a scale. There was already a push towards new forms of mobility in order to save our ailing planet and it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if sales of ICE vehicles fell. But then COVID-19 hits and we see wide-scale shut downs of plants and supply chains, impacting the industry in a huge way."


How Real-Time Data Helps Businesses Adapt to New Realities

The current health situation is impacting the entire world and businesses are trying to adapt to rapidly changing situations. Few have been hit as hard as retailers and the change in customer buying habits is likely to last well into the future. In the U.S., retail sales for clothing stores alone fell 50 percent from February to March, according to data from Statista. Now, more than ever, businesses need to adapt to changing circumstances...


Why Infrastructure Matters

Safety has always been paramount when developing technologies for commercial vehicles. However, as the industry advances into vehicle autonomy the safety connotations are heightened in relation to protecting drivers, other road users and cargo. To test effectively requires diverse testing capabilities that simulate a variety of scenarios in a range of environments.


The Challenge of Designing Batteries for Extreme E

An interview with Williams Advanced Engineering about creating EV batteries for motorsport.


Devs that Code Together Succeed Together

"Developers that code together succeed together. Results have shown that 45% of developers who pair program report feelings of success on a daily basis. This heightened sense of progress shows the potential beneficial impact of remote pair programming"


New electric microcar enters production

The nippy power of an EV is fantastic for urban driving, so when paired with something that’s small in size, you have a great combination for a city car. This is exactly what Swiss company Micro is thinking with its new Microlino car.


This Morning: Female-only parking spaces

I was asked to go on ITV's This Morning to talk about the ridiculous idea that is female-only wider parking spaces.


Takeoff for the German startup market

Looking in detail at the German startup market and the minds behind an autonomous flying taxi.


The path to Formula One

I worked with Paddock Magazine on a piece examining the route into F1 and how things are changing in light of the Liberty Media takeover.


Abarth launches the 595 Rivale in Italy

I was invited to cover the launch of a new Abarth 595 in Italy. I wrote about the little hot hatch and the yacht it's based on.


Avalon Marketplace Whitepaper

I helped to edit and check this detailed blockchain whitepaper.



Freelance Journalist

Journalist of more than 15 years, covering business, software as a service, motoring, and technology. Clients remark on my clean copy, journalistic reporting, and compelling stories written with business goals in mind. See more over at www.jessshanahan.com.

Company: Jess Shanahan

I worked there from 1/2013 until now


A content agency specialising in strategy and creation for tech and automotive clients.

Company: Jet Social

I worked there from 4/2012 until now

Content I Write


Outstanding writer

Jess's research and attention to detail are incredible. She consistently impresses the clients we send her way, making her one of our "go-to" writers for many projects. I highly recommend her!

Jenn Greenleaf, nDash