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Technology content marketing writer.

About Me

Trained engineer. Award-winning writer. Niches: robotics, smart manufacturing, IoT, cybersecurity, AR, VR, SaaS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioengineering, BIM, martech, 5G.

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My Writing Samples

Component Gains Fuel the Next Generation of Cobots

Cobots, mechanical arms and how Industry 4.0 is making room for Industry 5.0.


Engineers Design a Reusable Alternative to N-95 Face Mask

How Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have designed a silicone replacement that is just as efficient as the N-95 at filtering out droplets of water vapor carrying pathogens. A solution to PPE for COVID-19.


IoT Risk Management in the Mining Industry

IoT is a boon for the mining industry but it must also factor in cybersecurity risks. Here's how.


How will technology shape post-pandemic life?

Branded content for Nokia on how 5G and remote everything will shape a new post COVID-19 society


The Next Big Thing in Customer Service: Frictionless Returns

Retail tech feature about frictionless returns.


How workflow management software can streamline field services

How workflow management software can streamline field services.


New Opportunities Shine for Solar Entrepreneurs

Explores how COVID-19 and the climate crisis have led to the growth of solar energy opportunities.


Enabling manufacturing automation and factory cost controls with IIoT

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, companies, especially manufacturers, have been focusing on retooling and energizing their operations in order to secure a solid financial future. Enabling manufacturing automation has become a primary objective. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can not only help manufacturers navigate the ongoing crisis; it can help them come out of it stronger than before.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Accelerate Digital Transformation

The sheer scale of the pandemic coupled with its abruptness has understandably taken a toll on companies. How can senior management follow the yellow brick road of digital transformation to ensure resiliency?


Tokamak, the promise of magnetic fusion

How the tokamak and magnetic fusion can deliver decarbonization and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. A solution to the climate crisis.


Checkpoint technology for frictionless airport screening

The evolution of airport checkpoint screening technologies with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.


Extending the lifespan of IoT sensors in industrial devices

Long life is essential for us to truly get the most out of IoT sensors. How do we achieve this?


AI makes quick work of earthquake damage assessment

After an earthquake, effective damage assessment is critical to saving lives and planning a rapid and effective response. The assessment needs to accurately and quickly gauge the scale and the extent of the damage and do so without endangering additional lives. A new Japanese artificial intelligence model that uses aerial images from disaster sites is able to do just that.


Sewing a sustainable fashion industry

Fast fashion can be damaging to the environment. Sustainable and scalable alternatives are beginning to gain traction.


Smart windows utilize liquid solution to improve buildings’ energy efficiency

Windows are key to improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Given that carbon emissions from buildings reached a record high in 2019 according to the International Energy Agency, the pressure is on to develop energy efficiency solutions that can keep up with building growth. Scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore are addressing this challenge through a smart window, which seals a hydrogel-based liquid between its panels.


AR, AR on the Wall, Who’s the Prettiest of Them All?

How augmented reality (AR) and AI can help retailers sell makeup.


Data Confidence Fabric and the Importance of Vetted Data

Relying on data that you can't place your confidence in isn't just bad business, it's dangerous. There's now a mechanism to neutralize the threat and bank on data that you can trust.


Prepare for the Future by Digitizing Your Supply Chain

The future is uncertain, an end-to-end digital supply chain can help you flex and scale.


Applied AI in Action: Helping Drug Development

To see an example of how AI will transform the ways business is done using technology, look no further than the medical industry.


The Components Ecosystem Driving Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are ushering in efficiencies in manufacturing companies of all sizes.


Making Lab Data Work Better

Centralized and standardized analytical data management is changing drug research and development, and all of chemistry, bit by bit


Choosing a virtual contact center to gain efficiencies

How virtual call centers like a cloud-based customer service solution help enterprises.


How blockchain security and IoT can help enterprises trust their data

Making data-driven decisions can help you obtain a competitive advantage—and when so much is at stake, the trustworthiness of that data is critical. That's why blockchain and IoT are increasingly becoming part of the data discussion across many sectors.


Drift sculpture elegantly marries structural engineering, art

Structural engineering underpins public art, which was designed, engineered, fabricated, and painted in the United Kingdom and then shipped to Texas for installation by a local team.


DrChrono gains deeper customer insights from data accessed with Datacoral's secure CDC and other int

Change Data Capture technology and how big data integration helped a healthcare technology company.


Think the Brain is Always Efficient? Think Again.

Biomimicry assumes that nature or the human body is the gold standard. I explore how engineering and machine or robotics design need not always model artificial intelligence after the brain.


How small farms can benefit from a phased approach to modernizing farming technology

Farming technology that leverages the IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G, implemented through a phased approach, can deliver a lifeline to small farms.


Home Sweet Home Network

I reported on how the work from home shift in the wake of the pandemic tested residential internet connectivity. The feature explores the patterns, internet service providers and technologies that alleviated the challenges.


Oregon tests granular approach to pay-per-mile fees

I wrote about how Oregon is exploring alternatives to the gas tax especially as the number of electrical vehicles increase.


Transportation 2025: Achieving Resilience Amid Profound Change

The transportation industry is bracing for significant changes. While e-commerce is projected to expand, a shortage of truckers who haul freight across the country is expected to linger. I wrote about transportation and logistics changes in the wake of COVID-19.


How to leverage the cloud in construction to increase collaboration and productivity

The construction industry faces a barrage of challenges, not the least of which is lagging productivity. But builders can overcome these productivity challenges and thrive using cloud technology.


Cryogenic Robotic Arm for Lunar Missions

A robotic arm capable of operating under the extreme cold conditions of the Moon (-180o C) will give a boost to NASA as it prepares its lunar exploration plans.


How Online Retailers Can Meet Growing Consumer Expectations

Consumers are making more purchases online, and they expect delivery within two days, challenging retailers to grow e-commerce sales while speeding them up at the same time. Fortunately, technology is throwing retailers a lifeline, allowing them to use real-time data to gain more control over inventory and track it more precisely in the supply chain.


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