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Poornima Apte


About Me

Trained engineer. Award-winning writer. Niches: robotics, smart manufacturing, IoT, cybersecurity, AR, VR, SaaS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioengineering, BIM, martech, 5G.

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My Writing Samples

Component Gains Fuel the Next Generation of Cobots

Cobots, mechanical arms and how Industry 4.0 is making room for Industry 5.0.


Engineers Design a Reusable Alternative to N-95 Face Mask

How Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have designed a silicone replacement that is just as efficient as the N-95 at filtering out droplets of water vapor carrying pathogens. A solution to PPE for COVID-19.


IoT Risk Management in the Mining Industry

IoT is a boon for the mining industry but it must also factor in cybersecurity risks. Here's how.


How will technology shape post-pandemic life?

Branded content for Nokia on how 5G and remote everything will shape a new post COVID-19 society


The Next Big Thing in Customer Service: Frictionless Returns

Retail tech feature about frictionless returns.


How workflow management software can streamline field services

How workflow management software can streamline field services.


New Opportunities Shine for Solar Entrepreneurs

Explores how COVID-19 and the climate crisis have led to the growth of solar energy opportunities.


Enabling manufacturing automation and factory cost controls with IIoT

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, companies, especially manufacturers, have been focusing on retooling and energizing their operations in order to secure a solid financial future. Enabling manufacturing automation has become a primary objective. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can not only help manufacturers navigate the ongoing crisis; it can help them come out of it stronger than before.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Accelerate Digital Transformation

The sheer scale of the pandemic coupled with its abruptness has understandably taken a toll on companies. How can senior management follow the yellow brick road of digital transformation to ensure resiliency?


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