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About Me

Ken Koehn is an American freelance writer for hire in the entertainment niche specializing in article writing while being a full-time student. For more information on his services, contact him at ken@kenkwrites.com or on social media

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What to Look for in a Financial Student

A look at the factors that you should use to determine which financial institution to use.


'Star Trek: Discovery' — Familiarity in the Final Frontier

How the newest Star Trek series will be starting on familiar territory.


'Star Trek: Discovery' — The real reason the focus is different

How outlandish is the decision for 'Star Trek: Discovery' to focus on the first officer?


'Rick and Morty' Season 3, Episode 8: Meanings of Morty's Mind Blowers

Implications of 'Rick and Morty's' replacement for Interdimensional Cable.


'Star Trek: Discovery,' how can viewers in the US watch it?

CBS's unique decision on how they will air the newest 'Star Trek' series.


'Rick and Morty' — The last episode before the finale

How the show is squeezing in more character development before the finale.


'Bendy and the Ink Machine' — What have the creators learned?

A quick look at what The Meatly has learned from the successes and failings of the previous chapters.


'Hiveswap: Act 1' from the perspective of someone who hasn't read 'Homestuck'

My impressions of the first act without being familiar with the source material.


'Cuphead': Was it worth the wait?

After being in development for seven years, how does 'Cuphead' stack up?


Smartwatches — The negative aspects of the new trend

A quick look at why you may want to pass on the wearable technology trend.


Smartwatches, the positive aspects of the new trend

A quick look on why now might be the time to buy your very first smartwatch.


'Brawlhalla' :Just another Smash clone?

Is the newest game from Blue Mammoth Games able to create its own identity?


3 not-so-scary Halloween Games

Let's take a look at some games that lean more towards cute than creepy


15 Video Game Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Still Pulled Off)

A look at some remarkable video game cosplays!


The 20 Most Powerful Video Game Gods, Ranked

Taking a look at the most powerful gods in video games!


15 Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters You’ve Never Seen Cosplayed Before

Showcasing 15 characters from the days of Saturday morning cartoons that you've never seen cosplayed!


25 Incredible Star Wars Cosplays Of Your Favorite Characters

25 cosplays of characters in the style of your favorite Star Wars characters!



Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, I provide quality content and an eye-catching headline!

Company: Ken K Writes

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

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