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About Me

My name is Jessica and I am 35 yrs. old. I am a Southerner; transplanted from the North. I was born into a restauranteur family, cultured by an eclectic staff from the earliest stages of life. Daughter of a rugged businessman and entrepreneur, a blessed childhood full of friends, love, and laughter would give way to a tumultuous adolescence, as the Universe sought to humble me. Early adulthood brought about the experience of loss, abusive relationships, addictions, terror, and trauma. Motherhood would center me, where I sought peace and serenity through camping, making DIY cleaning materials, essential oils, writing, sustainable practices, frugal living, and nature. With roots primarily in food and hospitality industry, I branched out into a freelance graphic design hobby, marketing, promotions, start-ups and a sales career. After vigorous training, I left the sales floor to become something of a gypsy, traveling and living in a tent with my family, continuing in sales for Ground Zero Vaping LLC and Smoke Crossroads Inc.  On the adventure of a lifetime, in search of peace and serenity, together we explored a freedom lifestyle. Delving into my spirituality and motherhood, I have become an avid follower and believer of the Law of Attraction. Every day and in every way, I am living my dream life.

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