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Writing B2B and B2C Content for Your Profit--Finance, Banking, Insurance, IT, Real Estate

About Me

ShariLee writes from the standpoint of gaining the maximum ROI for her clients. As a professional B2B and B2C copywriter of online content, she employs SEO proficiencies, strategically placing targeted keywords in pursuit of the ultimate goal—which is to optimize your content with the search engines.

ShariLee understands B2B and B2C communication views through her extensive insurance and finance background, as well as her entrepreneurial experience in food manufacturing, packaging and paper distribution, and independent sales (ISO).

Moreover, as a former, 215 Florida Licensed Insurance Agent—with an accompanying Series 6, NASD Securities License, ShariLee was involved in estate planning for a number of years. Later, she became a 214 Florida Licensed Title Insurance Agent, and working with real estate agents, she ran her own business until November 2011.

The advantage of these diversification strategies eventuated her career in content marketing.

Targeted keyword research and SEO proficiencies are the earmarks that promote your standing with the search engines. That standing is key to your content being found by your audience.

Since content must be written with these factors in play--you can rest assured that your target audience will find you and want to read the articles and other materials written for you by ShariLee Beynon.

In addition, she will craft your material from the impact of your concretely stated goal for each piece of content you order from her. 

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My Writing Samples

Canadian Women Penetrate Commercial Real Estate—With an Eye on the C-Suite

The role of women in commercial real estate is changing in both Canada and the U.S., and they are not, necessarily willing to stay in the field.


Blockchain Technology has Potential to Strengthen Diverse Industries

Blockchain technology is attracting the attention of more than cryptocurrencies, as it proves to be the perfect, decentralized ledger for a sundry of dissimilar industries globally.


Can Banks Breakthrough to their Own Uber Destiny

Financial technology (FinTech) has been disrupting banking for a while now, and although many banks have embraced new technologies as they emerged, there is still a lot of changing to be done.


What's Wrong with the Multi-Cloud Model - Nothing!

Regardless of whether a customer is a small cloud user, where there are multiple users, or a larger user with an exclusive data center--high-priority security technology, aggressively improved on a continuing basis should progressively engage a cloud provider’s assets.



B2B and B2C Content and Copywriter/ Insurance, Finance, IT, Real Estate

Writing on up-to-date technologies, finance, cryptocurrency, FinTech, payments, insurance, real estate, the blockchain, cloud computing, SaaS, technology support services, and other related topics.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2012 until now

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